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"Barking Riverside

View from a brownfield site across a graffitied wall, then mud flats, then the murky river, to Thamesmead. Would make a lovely postcard"

I think you might be onto something.

Eat you heart out Martin Parr. I'm not trying to imply these pics are in any way boring of course.

"the Model Y, a saloon in competition with the Austin 7 - both vehicles with no brakes."

Now, I know you're not a willing motorist, but how on earth do you think they stop? A la Fred Flintstone?

That River Roding barrier is the prize that awaits anyone walking eastwards along the Greenway... or is it? Try as I might, I've never made it that close. Good work DG... and yes, I'll be one of those that follows you down there, I expect.

That's better :)
(their brake cables look like that thick hairy twisted string, but made of metal, which is why their brakes are often referred to as 'string brakes')

After reading the tweets, about the Bee Hotel I'm glad to finally see it.

Nice piece. I enjoyed this walk when I did it in 2003 when the CTRL was being built.

The best pictures I took were some panoramic images and I haven't put many on line.

I must get back down to the riverside, I can't believe I took those photos in 2007, time I went for another ramble.

Thoroughly enjoyed the posts, DG.

Love the pony photo - hard to believe it was taken in the environs of London.

Great set of posts on the Borough I first lived in in London. Glad you made it to Eastbury House.

Knowing your taste for Olympic-related facts, it's worth knowing that the Ford Motor Works are playing their part in the opening and closing ceremonies - an extensive rehearsal space is being built on the site of some of the old buildings

Sadly I kmow this area very well, from work. It is worth a visit if you are into industrial landscapes!The Breach pond can be glimpsed from the A13 - closer up its a surprising green oasis well looked after by Ford - as is the Gorebrook River (I think) which flows (dribbles) through the factory.

The industrial area south of Dagenham Dock is being developed as a sustainable Industrial Park with a focus on recycling and green energy.

Bobby Moore was a striker? Or should it have read skipper?

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