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Nice to know I am not the only one who has difficulty to say No.

Sounds like Tucker can re-release the single then.....\\_(TV\\_series)\\_Say\\_No

Just Say: Definitely Maybe.

Cultivate an air of menace so people are reluctant to ask you in the first place.

Yes, the air of menace thing certainly works for me. However, it means that people don't ask you to do nice things either, which is a bit of a drawback...

Still single then, DG?

If only you were a woman. All the ones I meet seem to have no problem saying no.

Ah, if you hadn't thrown away your 'invisible' friend you wouldn't suffer with this problem so much. Failing that, your 'excuses' should always be vague (no need to use the no word).e.g. "Oh that would be nice, shame I have other plans."

So can we have a photo of the Jamjar then? You always say no (by implication I suppose) to that. No problem there with the "no" word DG!

But I suppose (again) the Jamjar and matters of the heart (or loins), or work are different. Or are they........?

Perhaps your "persecutors" will be reading this.

So here's my take...

I really wish people would say 'no' to me upfront rather than saying 'yes' or 'maybe' and then not delivering. By talking straight everyone knows where they stand.

A friend of mine says no with the most enviable mix of grace and confidence. She's HIV Positive. I think that was a wake up call.

there is nothing wrong with being nice sometimes...

You could consider an time you want to say "no" just do it. You don't need to explain, even to yourself. It is your right to say "no." It will make the next time you say "yes" even better because it will be true.

To quote lovely Blue Witch.....

" Wisdom begins with questioning. Sanity begins with "No." "

This has helped me in quite a few situations over the past few years.
Wonderful post as ever DG

C xx

Good grief. I don't think I've ever been described in quite that way before. How refreshing.


Perhaps it was the blue that is lovely rather than the witch...

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