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One of my favourite boroughs; so much variety. A great post today.
Today “From Prison to Posh”.
The rugby posts with nets at Wormwood scrubs are for Irish Hurling I think?
As I was reading this, I was thinking of Under Dubwood, or a Lemon Jelly track.
Texts like this should be on every GCSE slyabus- observational writing at its very best - surprised SIS haven't signed you up!
Didn't anyone come and sit on a bench with you?
I agree with Simon at 7.50. The rugby-style posts with nets would be for both hurling and Gaelic football. They both come under the generic label of the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association). They are slightly different in size from rugby posts.
Love a bit of people watching in the sunshine.
would make a great arty type observational video
The well lit path behind Wormood Scrubs prison is a much used route between East Acton tube station and Hammersmith hospital. A few days ago I spotted it being used by a line of hi-vis Muslim women learner cyclists.

Apparently the Japanese Garden behind the BBC TV Centre was originally created in 1910 for the Japan-British Exhibition which took place on that site. There's a rumour that the developers of the TV Centre site want to incorporate it into the landscaping of their luxury flats.
The dad and daughter on Eel Brook Common were probably throwing an American 'Football'
wow! delightful read on a Sunday...and IMHO one of the best posts of the year.
I remember being told a story about the naming of the new borough that is either apocryphal or was always meant in jest that Fulham proposed the new borough took the first part of Fulham and the first part of Hammersmith, and call it Fulham.
I don't think benches work like that in London. Now in Hull, or Paris, or just about anywhere else, you'd be bound to get a conversational approach every now and then. But in London I suspect you'd have to sit on about 150 benches before someone speaks.

A very entertaining post though, even without any dialogue.
TIL that the Chelsea Harbour development is in Hammersmith & Fulham. Thanks, DG!

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