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So soon after my comment on the shirt? This is a challenge, isn't it? :)

You're on my blogroll. I've been reading your blog for about 5 years now. No longer live in London but I still love it.

You're on mine!

Oh great we've been given homework!
104 sites to visit. :-)

Not on my blogroll cos I haven't got a blog but you would be if I had. You're on my daily blog feed though so please don't stop blogging - some of us don't do the twittery thing!

You're on mine too DG!

maybe an annual round up of twitter followers? I have to admit that my blogroll, while still there, hasn't been updated for ages and I tend to use twitter as a sort of feed reader, assuming most bloggers also tweet their posts. Excepting your good self, of course, who gets a daily visit via my blogroll link, in honour of your old-school approach

You're on my blogroll, I love your posts.

Right, I think it's about time I added a blogroll on my blog…

You're on Londontopia's blogroll as well. Love your blog!

I really enjoy your blog. My blog is a bit hit and miss as I have to be a bit careful not to slag work off and I'm never too sure what to say!

Well, you were on my blogroll only you can't see it because I used and I hadn't realised that it died late last year.

I'll have to rebuild a new blogroll - long overdue, in fact, or no

This is also in some ways a side-effect of blogging software. I rarely view my own page when I write them so the absence of my blogroll escaped me.

With any luck, you'll be added back by the time of next year's survey!


Oh, is it that time of the year again..?

Having a blog myself, makes me keenly aware of all the effort you make with this blog, day in, day out... For me, it's the Blog of Blogs!

I enjoy reading all the bits and bobs that I didn't know about London.. A city I grew up in, but from which I departed many years ago..

That's why I linked you way back when.. and why I continue to read..

Is it just me? I can't see ANY underlined links for new entrants (unless I hover over them....)

dg writes: Ah, a browser-specific coding issue. I've re-underlined the new entrants, and they should be visible now.

They are!

Thanks for the link back to my blog, DG! I have linked back to this post as a way of thanks. :-)

Once a year I get the odd visitor via your blog which reminds me that time is passing. It is remarkable that you manage so consistently to write so much. I enjoy most of it even the stuff about transport planning and highway engineering!

You're on my blogroll (although it's labelled 'My Blog List'). As the list is ordered by the most recent address to contain a new post, you're nearly always at the top.

You missed me.

I always enjoy your blog (even skimming through news of the Olympics!) - such a good and original record of London life. Maybe people don't read blogs so much now because of much Twitter use, so that their ability to concentrate on longer pieces of writing is declining. Just a guess.

I think what's happening is the entire planet is being sucked up into the mix-master of Facebook. Only the dedicated individualists can survive.

That's my theory at least...

Re "the decline": I post most of my bloggy stuff on Facebook to the select group of friends. The rationale for this is that I get an audience, I know they are and that we share interest, and I also know that really hardly anyone would visit "a blog of mine" for anything other than mistaken Google searches. So I use the blog just for impersonal things. In the past I think people used blogs for what I'm doing (still only a little, because I actually hate all that "what I did today" boloney) on Facebook, so I would guess that most of that activity has moved to Facebook. It's not open like the internet but you could think of it as a sort of subscription service (free subsription) where people sign up to read what and whom they wish to read. That is instead of plonking it on a webpage that very few people will see, or very few to whom it is of any interest or relevance. That's my £0.02 worth.

Thanks for mentioning my blog twice in a row - 15 visitors on Friday and 30 on Saturday. Another 15 on Sunday. I just hope they liked it.

What's a blogroll?

Honestly, all these new fangled things... I just have a feed from my Google Reader (I subscribe to your blog) which displays a link to your posts.

Not a blogroll, but still listed.

Cheers everyone. That's ten more blogroll links than I had on Saturday.
(but still thirty less than I had a year ago)

You're on mine, and have been for sometime! I love your blogs, especially since I moved to London and know what you are on about!

Wow, that time of year already?
You're still on my blogroll,
but since I only posted twice this year I guess it counts as a dead blog.
I've also switched to posting a lot on facebook too. so things change.

As always your daily output never ceases to entertain, amuse and educate me. Keep up the good work.

a few days ago livejournal unceremoniously cut down my long list of links to the first eight or so, as I tried to edit them. I'm currently not a paid-up member, and I'm not allowed more than that, but it hadn't noticed so long as I didn't try and change anything... luckily you're in the top few.

you've got plenty of new ones, despite the overall drop in numbers.

I've never had a blogroll. It's too complicated - how to evaluate friends, either met through blogging or yet to meet; people whose blogs I read and I see my blog on their blogroll but they never comment; people whose blogs I read but who probably don't read mine so I can't count them as friends; information/funnies/those I follow but have far too many visitors to visit any but a few friends; those I subscribe to but only visit when I have fully caught up with the feedreader and am looking for something to do. However, if I had one, you'd be on it. In the middle category.

You've been on my blog roll for ever.

dg writes: Yup, but alas you've not posted since June.

Your are on mine, but I had a quiet July. Back in business now.

You missed out my blog roll post! I changed the name and URL a few years ago. Used to be called T3G:2 is now Human Nature. Please add me Diamond Geezer!

Ooops, picked the wrong month not to post anything! And took even longer to get round to catching up with other blogs to notice! (Just 125 unread DGs to go- no spoilers please!!)

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