please empty your brain below

Have you set this up via the Blogger On The Go facility? Or have you got a better approach? Do tell!

Anyone stalking you yet?

I'm using a years-old Blogger feature, hidden in the settings menu, which allows anyone to post to their blog via email. Brilliant.

How are you posting to your comment box though? Directly via Haloscan? Annoying that they don't have a mobile app, isn't it?

I'm posting to my comment box by
a) going home
b) turning on my computer
c) typing into the comments box

Cheeky git, you know what I meant.

Ah yes, we rang up Rough Trade on Friday to check the shop was open: 'oh yes, it'll open around 4pm'. Turned up around 5.30, it looked rather shut, tried opening the door and found a near-empty space with two men frantically sanding things down. This morning the Rough Trade e-newsletter said it'll now be opening on Monday, but thoughtfully no-one updated the website with this info! All in all, not impressed, so hope things look up once it finally opens its doors.

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