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My gut tells me Approach 2: where folk live. The suburban stations are far apart, mostly, so to travel from where you live to the nearest accessable station might be more difficult than, at the other end: wheeling to the central London tube station that is second-closest to your workplace.

It's interesting that the pdf on the Archway proposal mentions age, shopping and luggage as well as temporary and permanent disability. One day with 2 suitcases and a pack, I called a lift at Bank and was told, by a faceless jobsworth using the PA that I could "fuck off: the lifts are for disabled people".

It's a very important issue and, for those of us who might end up in wheelchairs or pushing pushchairs in the not too distant future, a very relevant one.

Erm, is there something we should know DG?

If the Tube gets made step-free, does that mean we can bring back Routemasters?

On similar subject...I recently came across a blind person on a tube platform, looking lost. I asked her if I could help and she said she'd recently got off a train and the staff member who was meant to be there to help her hadn't turned up yet. (In fact I could see said staff member walking in our direction). Although it hadn't worked perfectly in this case I was nevertheless impressed that the tube has such an arrangement for the blind.

Indeed, I was walking out of an office building the other day to find, coming in, a woman from the Tube station opposite guiding a blind man in. Which struck me as very good.

Surely a lot of tube stations must still have a liftshaft disused somewhere and this could be reactivated.

Speaking of tubes:

What a bloody surprise, 'eh?

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