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I had a few visits to this area, to a specialist auto-paint supplier, when I was respraying my bike: it was quite a surprise to find just how many taxi-related businesses there were. I've just been looking on GoogleMaps to retrack my route and the other surprise now is to see how this seemingly industrial area actually seems to be quite rich with parks, green spaces, and even a farm.
I await the B137 with anticipation - it's in my area and I know it well (I've had a number of meetings in a school there that is part of the academy trust I'm vice-chair of - and it's where the object of my 13 year old self's infatuation lived...)
I for one am loving this series and all its detail. I've known all the roads so far and it is interesting to know how they have changed - or not. Of course they will change again over the next ten years so this snapshot is fascinating.
I think the most exciting thing that's happened to me on the B135 was watching the air ambulance take off from the Royal London and land on Weaver's Fields. The crew were quite happy to have a chat - they were just temporarily vacating the helipad to make way for a visitor from the home counties.
Nice to see that Blackmans shoe shop is surviving. I used to buy my shoes there more than 60 years ago in the age of the winkle picker. It had been there some years before I discovered it, I believe many of the early rock n' roll stars used it.
I too am enjoying this series. I also remember the Blackmans post of nearly 8 years ago. I made a visit. It was the 6000th DG blogpost.
I am another enjoying this series and splendid examples of how you manage to make interesting posts from the most unpromising of material.

I've just been looking ahead to see what B roads are coming up. You've got a really long walk to get to the B143.
Pleased to see a mention of the 'claustrophobic footbridge' as it seems to have been a recurring part of my life over the last few years. Firstly, on the cover of Emanuel Litvinoff's brilliant Journey Through a Small Planet about life in the Jewish East End, then in a post on A London Inheritance, and I even spotted it on an early episode of Waking the Dead which I was rewatching through Covid.
Google street view even provided a view of the indented Victorian brickwork. Not as good as seeing it in real life but still very impressive.

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