please empty your brain below

Shame about the comments - of course, without the DG blog there would be no comments, but I do think they are integral part and one of the main ways that differentiates a blog from 'just' a diary.

And the mystery count is?

Still zero according to Daytum.

No, I wanted to know what it IS, not how many.

Number of times dg has been King-of-wherever-he-now-works?


Slightly off topic but you still haven't told us why you won't be frequenting your usual newspaper kiosk in future?

Some of us are very concerned/lead rather shallow lives/like to live vicariously through our favourite blogger (delete as appropriate).

I just want to say I've been reading your blog for ages and love it. Always interesting.

Does Count 2 include the comments you delete?

Michael - even I've managed to pick that up. His work location is changing.

Bina - don't worry, he does that to all of us, and always has done (I think my first deletion was in 2002, but he probably has a record of that too, so I may have to stand corrected later).

michael - do keep up dear. The answer was clearly given.

*note to self - don't open a comments box, make a phone call, then go back to it without refreshing the page, assuming someone else won't have got there first*

That Work/Life Balance chart is a revelation. I got out a calculator and tried to work how much of my week was spent in the office and got a similar result. My question is, why does it feel closer to half?


go on and "have a bit more of a life" but please don´t neglect this blog I´m developing rather bad addiction to it, I´m afraid.

i often open the comments box, then eventually close it without adding anything, as i don't have an awful lot of interest to say. i find this blog fascinating though.
that pie chart is fantastic - i'm tempted to do my own, but the results would probably be quite gloom-inducing...

Here's a contribution to the comments tally...

It would be interesting to see the 'Play' figure broken down further into essentials
on-essentials - if time for eating, cleaning, shopping, etc. is taken out of the equation, how many hours are there left to be filled with activities that are for pleasure only? Which raises the question as to how many of those activities only happen because they provide material for this blog?

Fascinating, nonetheless.

I'd be interested to see how much of that 'play' slice is devoted to blogging - researching, writing, editing ... I'm guessing it's a lot.

The whole 8 hours sleep thing is a myth. Most people need 7, some less. Just don't get all Margaret Thatcher on us and get down to 4 hours a night...

I think you will find that the graphic/analysis only relates to a category of activity that your body is doing. I haven't yet found a person who can think only of one thing at a time - or dream of nothing. As to the question 'What are you doing?' is that: what is the body doing? what is the mind thinking? or How much of what you're thinking relates to what your body is simultaneously doing?

Bina, that's a very good point. Next time someone asks me what I'm doing, I'll reply, "Breathing."

talking of counting things:

this is just brilliant.

But does the big leisure slice include things like cleaning the toilet? Because it sounds as if only paid employment is being counted under work.

Cooking, eating, cleaning and essential shopping all come under play.

Maybe next year I'll split this category into essential, blog and other. I can guarantee that blog will exceed essential.

I comment as much as I always did, but on more blogs. I'll probably not comment on a post that already has dozens, because there's not much more to say or surely the blogger gets bored with trawling through yet more casual remarks and no one else is going to read them either.

Cooking, cleaning and essential shopping are all work as far as I'm concerned, as is unpaid work.

A well-written blog without comments is like steak without chips. This blog attracts a good range of comments, for the most part , - perceptive, humorous, informative - and so readers get a satisfying blog+comments experience. As long as Haloscan's working...

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