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We share a constituency. But in Maryland ward we are also getting a bonus council by-election.

Uma is interesting as a Tamil Catholic whose pinned tweet is of her recently meeting the Pope. Of course, in the past, the majority of Labour Catholic MPs were of Irish descent (I wrote a PhD about this in the very distant past!)
It'll be interesting to see how Labour campaigners cope with the new boundaries seeing as yesterday they were canvassing in my street for the Forest Gate North council by election despite the fact that my street is not in the Forest Gate North ward.
It appears that you have another bunch of 'troughers' who want to get on the gravy train without ever doing a real job. None Of The Above!
Had the election not been sprung so quickly, I wonder if there might have been a unity candidate promoted by Aspire in Tower Hamlets and some of the ex-Labour independents on Newham council.
Well that's the anti-genocide vote successfully divided up and including the Olympic Park boosts the Metropolitan Elite share.

It'll be interesting to see how successful the disillusioned Tory 'Zero Seats' campaign is.
“Thank you” for the little map at the top or I’d never have read this. Then I get to the end, and you tell me I really didn’t have to…
Whilst I wish them well in their endevours, the 'anti-genocide' candidates must know that they are wasting their energy and our time. If our voting actually had an effect on the situation we would have dealt with it long ago. But no UK Government has any sway over much these days. Why are they not campaigning for better rights in the UK?

dg writes: they are
Are the “anti-genocide” candidates as exercised about the Russian war on Ukraine, the Saudis’ involvement in Yemen, the Chinese persecution of the Uighurs or the Myanmar regime’s attacks on Rohingya people? Does any of these feature in their campaign literature?

dg writes: look and see
Depressingly last paragraph sums it up really. I live in a Tory/Lib Dem marginal, and it's fascinating the effort that goes into them - more so now Labour are trying to claim the area's becoming a three way marginal (given their performance here is usually dire, I will be looking at their results the morning after with interest.)

But for so many places, it's just going through the motions. Really do think we need something better than this.
What an uninspring bunch.
My ward has been redistricted, and both the old constituency MP (Labour) and new constituency MP (Con) have stood down. I think I have a complete slate of tyros to choose from.
Equalising the population size of constituencies sounds pretty fair to me; seeing that MPs are there to represent their constituents, they should all be roughly representing the same number.
Constituencies haven't been equalised based on population: instead they've been given a target number of electors.

As constituency casework scales with population rather than number of electors, this effectively means that urban constituencies (likely to have more non-UK/IE/Commonwealth residents who will still produce casework for their MP) will be more poorly represented than rural ones. The Boundary Commission may be nominally independent but was given a politically-motivated starting point; it would have been more useful to spread the caseload roughly evenly between MPs by drawing constituency boundaries by total or adult population rather than merely enfranchised adults.
I have seen anti-genocide candidates talking about Uyghurs, Yemen, Rohingya, Kashmir, etc. but the crucial difference is that the UK is not a steadfast ally of or a funder of these countries. Many voters see their government (and parts of their future government) diplomatically and militarily supporting Israel and will vote accordingly, even if it amounts to nothing.

Fiona Lali's interview was actually very viral and she is the only name I have heard of.
Are you counting how many leaflets/door knockers you're getting?

I'm a bit to the west in the 'Twin Cities' constituency where Labour is expected to come first taking it for the first time ever from the Tories... but so far the Lib Dems have been leafleting very hard and I haven't gotten anything from Labour surprisingly though. The Tories came by doorknocking a few days ago though they didn't leave very much time for me to get to the door -- perhaps suggesting they haven't been incredibly successful at speaking to anyone.
Dull constituency map quirk I noticed (which also existed for the previous West Ham constituency) is Chobham Academy's playing fields are in a different constituency to the school itself over the road. Which is odd given the fields are there on their own, separated from the rest of the constituency by a train line and motorway. Presumably some old pre-Olympics left over?

dg writes: different boroughs - the school's in Newham and the playing fields are in Waltham Forest.
There are going to be some long ballot papers. A total of 4,515 candidates have been nominated to stand on 4 July, more than in any previous UK general election.
I notice that our new constituency does appear on a list of the top ten seats where the Greens are predicted to finish 2nd.

Sadly for Green voters there are only 2 seats predicted to elect Green MPs and the top ten 2nds are all similar, predicting about 60% Labour, 20% Green.

The Greens have a councillor in the constituency already. If they decided this is the London constituency they are going to target and keep up an all year round campaign for a decade it could get interesting!
Excellent - pity it's so many

I'm pretty "green" myself & will therefore NEVER, EVER vote for a Fake-Greenie candidate.
They ar against nuclear power - totally non-fossil & reliable baseload power.
Actually, they are secular Puritans
Sadly, the Greens also appear to have been infiltrated by left wingers who found themselves no longer acceptable in the Labour party. About 20 Green candidates are being investigated because of claims of anti-semitism.

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