please empty your brain below

"And with one bound he was free!" Nice one, dg.

They also host regular talks in the near-by auditorium, as well as occasional cult film nights - and then finished off with a glass of wine in the museum.

Although the museum gets as packed as a tube train during rush hour on these evenings.

I've been to some of those film shows, that Ian mentions, and they are great fun.

how flattering to see that you took up my suggestion for a Z museum. But not so flattering that you completely disregarded my suggestions for X and Y museums.

Student grants? You're going back a bit there dg!

Well done on an excellent series, and handy future reference guide. :)

I was really looking forward to a review of the xylophone Museam. Oh well maybe next time

Yes, an excellent series. Great work. Another reason to get to the Grant Museum as soon as you can is that it is moving to new premises in 2010 - so I'm told. It'll still be in UCL, but probably in a more roomy space.

The museum's already been moved since my day - it used to be in cramped rooms at the end of a dark corridor in what was then the Zoology Department in Foster Court. It sounds far more pleasant and accessible now! The department itself no longer exists independently, it seems. I don't suppose many people will miss the echoing iron stairwell of Foster Court, or the student coffee room upstairs known universally as the Swamp...

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