please empty your brain below

I'm 5 hours behind. (East Coast, USA). Normally i'm in bed by 11 (4am) meaning that i'm always last to comment.

Yet - nice timing - this is one of those occasions when i'm still up at 2am, and get to go first ...

I'm in NZ - so I don't comply with the above analysis. In order to truly understand commenting behaviour on your site I reckon you need to test posts at other times of the day and, if even possible, correlate the comments to the time zone of the commentee (I made up that word).

Possibly to do with more people using RSS feeds? You get the post much faster, but are possibly less likely to click through for an inane comment?

Using the assumption 'comments correlate to reading time then', one day, why not ask everyone to make a comment with just the time they are reading the blog (or just one word as the comment system time tags every comment). TC

Sometimes my comments get eaten by the comments machinery, whether Haloscan or other ... usually when it was a particularly witty and erudite offering.

Commenting on comments, very surreal!

When was the last time you have made the post without anyone commenting on it?

Christ almighty! You've way to much spare time.

Like most, I tend to read your blog at the start or the end of my working day. Being an Aussie, the end of my working day corresponds to the start of the British working day.

You know where I am and i read and comment at different times just to confuse you.

Grief, these sort of statistics are getting as bad as the general media survey rubbish... we need numbers (ie raw data), levels of statistical significance, and details of tests used.

Well, *I* do, but then I'm not your usual passive consumer of/believer in surveys...

But you did get use of 'fewer' correct in the last para

I fall in to the main group as since I retired, I never get up before 09.30.

Well I never read dg anymore. I won't admit to it in public, anyway.

Oh. Oops.

I hope that this comment doesn't distort today's data too much . . .

I feel like I am in the DG laboratory.

Ha ha ha . I have a theory too.

Hmm, all those comments in work hours and no peak at lunchtime... I'd be shocked, were I not commenting at 3pm myself!

I just wanted to see if I could get the first AND last comment on this post - just to upset the stats. Sorry DG.

Beat ya. I have taken to printing DG about once a week because I have been too busy to read daily. But then I don't get to read the comments and therefore have stopped commenting myself.

However I plan to go back to the old fashioned way soon.

You suspect you're getting fewer comments than you used to? You mean you don't have the actual figures to hand? DG, I'm disappointed.

As you're suffering a shortage of comments in the evening, here's one, fresh out of my mind at 7:41pm, about my commenting habits.

I comment if I can think of anything to say, and if I get to read the message on time before I require use of the scrollbar to begin reading it. I tend not to comment if, for example, you go somewhere with which I have no association and therefore have little to say about. Sometimes I may not comment because I am on holiday.

I think you should be proud of the number of comments you receive. Your posts are witty and original, and I think that makes your blog unique. Well done, DG!


Perhaps you should do a survey on when Andrewh comments?

This comment was submitted 13 hours and 27 minutes after your post.

blogging about blogging - waste of time...

I love the fact that your blog isn't typical in any way...

Additionally I think I may have passed you at Bow Road yesterevening...

And now i'm going to bed earlier than last night, and too early to get your post tomorrow. This whole time-zone thing is very confusing when you're still completely in tune with what time it is in the land where you check the majority of your blogs.

Intruiged to see why you think you're getting less comments, oh Geezer!

And no way am i typing this just to be first AND last. You really think I'd do something like that?

Of course not

I just thought I would comment to mess with the stats ... or maybe there are too many posts mentioning trousers?

And I'm just doing what I always tend to do, which is comment when everyone else has moved on. DG still knows what I've said.

Somehow I don't think I'll be the last commenter on this post : )

But.... DG is not your regular style blogger.

And we all love him /far/ too much (and his writing style) to demean his blog by turning it into a "who can comment last", sort of competition ... right?

If you say so.

I still want to see the jam jar.

He's going to get very annoyed with us if we play this game for too long, you know ...

Annoyed, geoff? No, amused.
Comedy-commenting for longer than usual is exactly what people did the last time I posted this

So you don't mind if I carry this on then for a bit?

No, please do carry on, Geoff.

Oh, I will... trust me, I really will...

But for how long? And after how many days have passed?

Am I last?

Not yet. Can't say what's going to happen.

I only just got round to reading this post, and since DG has mentioned the lack of comments these days, I feel compelled to comment on this too.

Do you want to make one last comment?

Of course I do. You didn't think I'd forgotten, did you?

You never know...

You never know my tenacity for 'winning' these things, either.

Quiet in here, now, isn't it?

A little, but I'm sure Geoff will be along shortly...

Damn right! I've checked back here several time since waiting to see if anyone else was still here.

Do I win now?

Well, isn't is cosy? If we're going to be here a while, I've brought the tea - did anyone remember cake?

I think we ought to let DG have the last word.

I'm not sure he's still following. But here - a 6 pack of Wagon Wheels, and some snowballs to add to the pile of treats.

Is a six pack of those enough to go round? (sorry!!)

And how about something for the weekend?

And Jon, DG can always have the last word as he has the Power of Edit

Q. If Geofftech, DG, Ham, Jon & possibly S all take one Wagon Wheel each how many does that leave?

(A tricky one, I know...)

A - Wagon Wheels always go round. They start off that way.

Wagon wheels. Haven't had one of those in years. Ta very much Geoff.

Thanks for the offer Ham, but I hate tea. A rare Englishman that does not like tea I know.

I'll be eating that with a latte this morning instead.

Is the the time to mention Viscount mint chocolate biscuits too? In the shiny green foil wrapper!

I'm typing this whilst eating a VERY american breakfast (i.e. too much) of eggs, baconm french toast, fruit, syrup.

And the server has given me THREE drinks - Water, Coffee AND orange juice. In which order am i supposed to consume them?

Yours, confused, from the other side of the pond...

I tend to drink the water first. Then drink alternately the other two. It depends how good or bad the coffee which one I finish with, to leave the last taste in my mouth.

And while we are on the subject of biscuits why don't you
"P-P-P-Pick up a penguin" and "If you want a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our Club"

Or how abuot ..

TRRRRRRRIIIOOO! Oh, Trrrrriiiiooh!

The little girl that sang too loud - remember her?

So I just thought I'd pop in here all the way from Hawaii and speak in a fake British accent to tell you all that I AM THE LAST COMMENTER. Bitches.

No you're not. (Love the accent tho btw)


Not exactly ASCII art I'm afraid but with a little imagination you can just about make out a former for making shoes. Thus, no matter what happens next, this is the last commment.

Oh, well if I comment now I'll really put my foot in it.

Why would that be the last comment Ham? Tsk... you're so conceited... The rest of us are still here you know...

So ... everyone else has stopped playing then?

No. Just resting.

We've had the tea and biscuits.
How about a bottle of delicious Japanese Sake ?

Room for one more?

yes, Gladys, there'll always be room for one more. but at present I'm the last one
There will still be comments being added to this box in 2018.
Oh, are we still playing?
How happy is the moron
He doesn't give a damn
I wish I were a moron
My god, perhaps I am!
@ swirlythingy, why 2018? do comments boxes reach their sell-by date and self-destruct after 10 years?
I'm the last one again, for now.
No, but 10 is a reasonably round and sufficiently large number of years to lend itself well to a metaphor employed for the purposes of perspective.

On a different note, Ed Balls.
It's 2020. Covid-19 has just shut everyone indoors. I suspect my saunter back through the archives will speed up a bit in consequence.

Now I'm last.
no you're not.

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