please empty your brain below

Good luck.

The finish line is now overlooked by the studios for the One Show, and above them, the offices of Top Gear.

The pedestrian area in the Media Village where the finish line lies (it's called The Network. Yes, really.) is open to the public - so the security guards won't bat an eyelid at you strolling in. Except perhaps if you take pictures - there are signs up warning it's not allowed without permission of the facilities management company the BBC stopped using three years ago.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be live-blogging along the way, so perhaps I'll pop down and cheer you across the finish line.

Do I spy a bit of early publicity for the 200 gold-plated olympic beds in your flat you're planning for 2012 in that last para?

Good luck for tomorrow. I hope you Twitter your progress so I can pop downstairs and cheer you at the finish line too.

Best of luck DG. I suspect this will mark the high point of Olympic-type stuff for me. Win one for Team GB.

Good grief, how many BBC employees are there on here?

Live-blogging - yes.
Live-Twittering - probably.

I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that the BBC Media Village is open to the public. I'll try to arrive before The One Show starts, just to avoid any potential on-screen embarrassment.

You're utterly barmy, but good luck.

Utterly barmy, yes.
But then I have past form on this kind of thing.

How very thoughtful of the 2012 Olympic organisers to arrange for the marathon to go past your house, and, unlike the Royals you didn't have to ask them to move anything at all. Oh to have that much influence!!

Will there be maps with clicky poppy up things? I like those.
It's going to be hot tomorrow - bring plenty of weak lemon drink.

Great post. For some strange reason I feel honoured to find that the athletes ran past what is now the end of the road where I grew up in Ruislip. I'd no idea of this previously. I guess that in 1908 most of the route from Windsor until probably Harrow would have been predominantly rural and would have been determined by the few significant roads in existence at the time.

best of luck. if you make it through to White City (yes a lot of beeb employees *are* on here!) i shall join the crowded throng cheering you on. hurrah.

BBC employees have clearly got too much spare time if they can blog/blog read during the working day.

Is this why our licence fees are so high?

Oh, it's alright, I've been outsourced - it's some shareholders' money I'm wasting, not the licence fee.

This was explained by the dictionary corner guest on today's countdown. I wonder if the episode was recorded soon after this post?

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