please empty your brain below

The photo of Diamond Dad as a toddler speaks volumes. Oblivious of the camera, he is studying the workings of the arm that raises and lowers the hood of the pram.
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Fantastic photo. Happy birthday Daddy D!

Does he read your blog?


Happy birthday Diamond Dad.

Or maybe we're more similar than I realise...
Whenever I sneeze, I think I sound exactly like him.

Same here. I hated him sneezing when I was a child. This is the thing I wish most I was different to him.

Happy Birthday Daddy DG!

Happy Birthday Diamond Dad. We share 5 of the things on the first list, but I'm not saying which, although one does indeed contain a woggle!

Sounds like your dad and mine were separated at birth. Although leading national authority on scientific matters doesn't sound right, and it was a sponge, not rock cakes.

Send him this link, best wishes from me:

(You can preveiw it of course!)

Enjoy the cake. I can make nice ones but there aren't enough people to share them with.

"I am not a pillar of my local community"

aw come on, on the Torch Parade you revealed yourself to be on nodding terms with the local clergyperson.

Sona of puts you on a pedestal together with Obama (almost)

unlike dad's time we're all virtualised'n'atomised now

but yeah, you probably should be working a little on your gardening skills in the approach to the end of corporate occupation

Happy birthday, daddy geezer!

(And dg, you most certainly are a pillar of the blogging community)

Happy birthday Diamond Dad - and I hope someone else made the cake for you tonight!

Happy birthday DG's DAD.

Hang on, Pedantic of P - if you're so pedantic how come you said 'different to'?

Sad to say, I'm turning into my mother. You may find, in the next decade or two, that you develop even more in common with your dad.

Happy Birthday, Platinum Geezer.

- 'different to' is not incorrect (eg

Happy Birthday Papa Geezer!!!

Hey Diamond Dad, I may have never met you, but never mind. Have a great birthday!

Great picture by the way.

I wish I could have said happy birthday to my dad as eloquently as you have yours. Give him many happy returns from me!


Heh. Happy birthday Platinum Geezer!

DG, you a clearly a pillar of the blogosophere. How many of us could start our day without dipping into your virtual world, huh? huh? Give yourself a little credit!

Happy Birthday, DG's Dad

Thank you for all your kind messages. Yesterday was a good day, it's not often your son serves you cups of tea and slices of birthday cake.

To answer a couple of points:
Of course I am a regular reader of DG, how else would I know what he has been up to?
And Primark because they produce basic sweatshirts with no blatant advertising or logo on them. Lots of seventy year olds do for just the same reason.
Thanks again.

‘’Slices of cake’’ ??
I hope DG only CUT the cake- we are all so worried over his cholesterol
Many, many happy returns platinum geezer

Belated birthday greetings from me, too, Platinum Geezer. Many happy returns!

Aw - happy birthday platinum geezer! DG, that was a really nice way to say happy birthday

I can't wait to get my mum blogging - think she will really enjoy it once she dips in!

Yes, great picture, and a good post.

Good old analogue cameras are something like 18 megapixel resolution, which digital can still hardly match. Not infinite as I once thought, but limited somehow by the molecular properties of that compound of silver, whatever it's called. With digital you know there will be perfectly placed holes in the picture, but with analogue you may get a more natural, more smeared representation and perhaps the same for music. Viva analogue. If that's all baloney, it's digital baloney.

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