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Well for once I just scrolled quickly through your post. I have absolutely no interest in what the royal family get up to.
Bus stop M is more interesting.
Thanks to the internet and not buying newspapers, the vast majority of this 'mainstream media' crap has completely passed me by, this is where leading a parallel life is a good thing.
Even though I do buy a newspaper and do look at the BBC website frequently I am delighted to say that I did not know that Ms Markle was not white. The think about a Royal Family is that you need an heir and a spare, maybe a couple of spares. We now have plenty of spares, so a marriage to potentially create some more is un-important.
Ugh! this load of tosh is just depressing, imagine churning this stuff out for a living.

Kudos for trawling through so we didn't have too!
Right now the headline, "I shagged Meghan Markle" is being prepared as hacks call up her ex-partners waving their owners' off-shore cash.
I have been irritated by the speculative drivel and media-push of this non-story for a while. Quite how irritated is evident by the number of lines in your post today.
A slow news week!
Loved the headline "Idiot Boy to Marry Gold Digger" and the tag line "For the second time in the same family"

Oh, my mistake, I've forgotten the press don't publish true stories any more, do they?
"So tell us, Miss Markle, what first attracted you to the fifth in line to the British throne?"
Monday evening and I knew what was coming at 6.00 on BBC1 so I switched over as soon as Pointless finished as nothing would have put me off dinner more than the snivelling Nick Witchell. You’d think the local news on ITV would be a safe haven but no, they led with this non story too. In a fit of pique I watched The Simpsons of Channel 4 instead! The sad thing is, they and the print media do this because there are enough morons to lap it all up and there’s nothing like the distraction of a royal event to keep the plebs in check.
I thought this one was pretty refreshing(as alluded to in the penultimate headline above):
The sooner we have a republic the better. Bunch of parasites living off the rest of us.
I recall with joy those far-off days when Diana, in the midst of her own media frenzy, was described by the odious right wing rags as a teacher ...... those of us who actually WERE qualified teachers were SO impressed!!
Surprised Barack Obama knows who they are - and even cares.
Isn't she just adorable.
Just another symptom of how the Standard has degraded since Gideon took over. Guess he has applied his austerity principles.
Does someone at the Evening Standard actually churn out this tosh, or do they buy it by the yard from Macedonian teenagers? (Perhaps they are just copying the Daily Mail's model of copying/thinly rewriting anything anyone else writes if it looks like it might attract clicks. Allegedly.)
As we are still 'all in it together', will Queenie be footing the bill, or will the event be sold to the highest (privatised) bidder? We should be told!

dg writes: We have been told. The queen will be footing the bill.
While I'm as delighted for them as I would be for any other couple who've found happiness, I really don't want it in my face for the next 5-6 months!!
I wish the media would just leave them be! It's basically just gossip and speculation, not "news" after the initial announcement anyway, and their lives are intruded upon too much as it is! Who cares!

I also get annoyed when people roll out the same old argument that the Royals are parasites living off the taxpayer.

The Royals work bloody hard for this country and they bring in £billions. How many other 91 & 96 year old's are there who work at least 360 days a year?
The other major Royals are just as busy with their own various duties and as the paper was happy to say, Harry is basically just a Squaddie, but one with a lot of influence for good!

If we think it's is bad now, try life without a monarchy and the revenue it brings - oh, wait! We did in the 1650s!! That went well.
I only skim this stuff and thought it a bit strange that he was marrying the German Chancellor
Young couple are in love and are getting married.

It’s hard for me to get angry about it, and it’s easy to avoid reading every online news story about it.

... and isn't he?
In yesterday's Standard, as part of the pressure to get a bank holiday for the wedding they give precedents including that there was a bank holiday when Princess Anne got married. This is a similar situation, a younger sibling of the heir. But I'm sure there wasn't a bank holiday then, I was at work (not that it interested me anyway, but people discussed it). So they can't even get their facts right.

dg writes: Various sources say it was a bank holiday. I remember getting the day off school.

Quote from Denis Skinner, MP, on Twitter - "Will Meghan Markle get UK citizenship? Partners need to show they can support their spouse without recourse to public funds (under UK law"
If the ES stopped publishing anything purporting to be 'news', it could be a fairly comment and analysis publication. It has some decent columnists and a number of people who know something about their subject. But it does not appear to have a single news reporter. Not one. Only hacks who use inverted commas to 'dub' every single tube line 'the misery line'; tell us what the public is 'demanding'; inform us that the sterling has 'plunged' or 'soared'; that the UK is 'hotter than the Sahara' or 'colder than Greenland' and report 'shock' and 'horror' about everything else.
Harry has worked hard on the Invictus Games, that's how he knows the Obama's. it's a good charity and it's beginning to get traction in a variety of countries. As it's for veterans it's natural for lot's of politicians to be supportive of.

The main problem for Markle will be that her half Sister announced a tell all book about her. If I remember the story she sounded very bitter adout her fame and wealth etc.
I like the royal family and us tax payers only pay around 70pence each towards them
I remember going to work on the day of Princess Anne's wedding and not being bothered to go outside at lunchtime to watch the coaches on their way to the Abbey so I don't think it was a bank holiday.
There was no holiday when Princess Anne got married. I was on a business course and we stopped to see the royal procession.
Princess Anne was (and still is) the sibling of the immediate heir to the throne. Harry is not.

I cannot agree that Osborne has made the Standard any worse than it was. He may have tried, but previous occupants had left no scope for any actual worsening.

It seems somewhat paradoxical to respond to the excessive attention paid to the royals, which is staring us all in the face, by paying excessive attention to the excessive attention.
Have any headlines like this been spotted, please: 'Thick rich idle entitled Old Etonian, related to monarch, to marry divorced mixed race American cougar'. What actually saddens me is that she is abandoning an elderly pet dog, which might not be able to travel by air, but by boat?
Definitely no holiday when Anne married Mark, because I was working in the City at the time and an irreverent stockbroker said "there'll be a mark up tonight". PS When the ghastly Margaret married the philanderer in 1960, we definitely had the day off school: I went to Lords to watch the cricket.
According to The Times of 17 July 1973, "The Queen has asked that the marriage of Princess Anne to Lieutenant Mark Phillips on November 14 should be marked by a day's holiday for schools, either on the day itself or on a more convenient date."

That implies there wasn't a bank holiday and it explains why DG had a day off school.

Thanks DG for trawling through all of this junk so that we don't have to! Here in Canada this is big news, partly because we still have the monarchy, but even more because Meghan Markle lived in Toronto when Suits was filmed. The media are absolutely beside themselves at the fact that the white coat she wore for the announcement was made by a Toronto designer.
@rational plan ... from what I read the half sister has recanted and is now all sweetness and light ... she wants an invite to the wedding !!
I was only interested in two of these stories. The one about their house and the one about where she likes to hang out. And in both cases it was only interest in the London part of the story.
>>If we think it's is bad now, try life without a monarchy and the revenue it brings - oh, wait! We did in the 1650s!! That went well.

Like France you mean or most other countries?

I agee that the Royals work very hard but it probably helps that they get paid large wads of cash and live a life of pamapered luxury. Lots of non- Royal people also work very hard in this country, often for very long hours and for very poor rates of pay. So pardon me if my heart doesn't bleed for those "hard-working" Royals.
DG: Thanks for your comments - made it all worth reading!
Wow that is a serious list.

Stupid example of carying more anout google and increasing traffic than readers

As you say, all for seo. They will be updating the articles when they actually get info on the dress etc. They will probably create extra articles as well with new info and link them together.

I hope all these pages were not all linked on the homepage.

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