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Camden town picture is the wrong way round

Blimey, the famous DG was in my manor (Oval). If we'd only known, we'd have arranged a reception. Seriously, the new docking stations round my way seem to be in wierd places. There's one right in the middle of what was Spring Gardens and is now Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, miles away from any form of public transport and not on a road that many people walk down casually. That said, there are now at least six docking stations within a short walk of my house (the two you mention, the one at VPG, two at Vauxhall station and one at Kennington Cross). Not sure whether this is wise provision or overkill...

TfL make a cock up with supplying information? Surely not! Ha ha... At least their online map ( seems to be faring better. I hope.

Does anyone actually know how many new docking stations were added, with some stats (i.e 4, in the west, 1 to the south, xx in the east, etc..) and have nay new ones snuck up someplace in the central area?

They certainly are in weird places. There's one behind Southwark Station that's on a raised platform so you have to cart the bikes up and down the steps.

You should be using them DG. Bikes are ideal for urban explorers and photographers.

Route by East India is CS3, not CS2

Thanks for letting me know about the East India Dock Docks... I had no idea they were there!

I only just realised the Kia Oval was sponsored by a car company. For some reason I always read it as Kia Ora and thought it was sponsored by the fruit juice companyu of my youth...

Yes, dg, you *could* join the ranks of cyclists going along with one hand holding a mobile phone or a camera (I've seen both).

Oh, and in that other, parallel, universe there'd also be a bridge in Camden Town with the name *re*-reversed so it reads 'correctly', peewit.

Geofftech - good question. I've answered it here:

there are certainly some new ones going in - I discovered one on my far-too-usual trek from the nearest one to my office (usually full) to what I thought was the next nearest (also usually full). Sadly, the new one was also full, so the only difference it made was that I passed six full stations instead of five before eventually getting rid of the thing ten minutes later, and fifteen minutes walk from where I actually wanted to be!

To my eye, Westfield Library Corner is furthest west, but only by a tiny amount!

Castlehaven Road is given by the iPhone app as my nearest docking station - I live in Peterborough!

From the map I was expecting Westfield Library Corner to be the furthest west, until I got there. It's set back from Wood Lane, whereas Ariel Way runs almost up to the pavement.

@peewit and Gordon,the lettering looks conventional as you look in your rear view mirror, having passed under the bridge in your motorised vehicle.

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