please empty your brain below

"Guests" not "Passengers". They've stopped even pretending to be public transport, but still won't admit it.
and if your Dangleway journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes...the cleaning bill for your trousers and pants is on tfl ;-)
Another FOI fact (FOI-2011-2223):

The Location System Codes for the IFS Cloud Cable Car are as follows:
TC335 Royal Docks
TC330 Royal Docks <-> Greenwich Peninsula
TC325 Greenwich Peninsula

Whilst there is no formal distance for the TC330 length, the approximate scaled distance between the two terminals is 1073 metres.

In the meantime we would like to add that we hold no further information on how or why the Codes take this particular format for the IFS Cloud Cable Car.

So we can forever wonder why.

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