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Yes, the listings info in the Open House booklet for access, queues, etc is in pale green on white-not the best "reading experience".

And I can't see if volunteers (like me) will be able to "queue jump" this year. In addition to OH volunteers there is (was) the ability for those buildings on show to receive up to five queue jumping volunteer badges for their own staff. There was some talk last year about visitors being upset by the number of volunteers being let in ahead of them and making them wait.
I've volunteered at an Open House venue for several years and never received one of these queue jump badges.

I thought they were mythical.

With late delivery of the book most years and hassles booking venues, sometimes I think they really don't like me.
Tilbury sounds worth a look. I went there about a year ago and it's a bit of an 'unusual' place.
The top of an old ship (I assume it is still there) was just visible over the wall around the docks, but it's not a place you can just walk in.
To have an event where you can just walk in sounds just great :)
The Open House websites say volunteers can still queue jump: although I've spotted a small number of places where it says in the listing that you can't.

Thank you Alasdair for your page. I'll definitely make use of that. I'm looking forward to at least doing Saturday this year having had to miss it for two years because of work.
Is it already that time of year! sssh soon have the crimbo stuff the shops.

Maybe one year Open House will have some events in the 'small-hours' now we got ourselfs the night-tube. Yeah i know...unlikely
I agree with the "lap top" unfriendly remark about the Open House website. I was most disappointed that the old "filtering" has gone meaning you have to slog through all the entries to get a clue as to what's happening. I couldn't see much of transport interest this year. Also when I looked there was no reference to Crossrail but Crossrail themselves are saying they're going to take part.

The other astounding thing was the lack of date info. I had to come out of the listings and go to the Home Page to check the dates. Not all of us have the dates imprinted on our minds.

I understand the desire to be "mobile friendly" but the redesign doesn't work for me. Having gone back and checked I see you now have to scroll using "older posts" / "newer posts" links rather than just paging down. I assume this is to stop their website collapsing under the strain. I find that rather unintuitive - what has "older" and "newer" got to do with alphabetical listing of entries? Sorry Open House London but you've thrown away the good bits and left a load of old nonsense. How ironic that the unofficial listing is far easier to use.
I have one booking for tower 42 that I can no longer use. 1000 Saturday First Come First Served
Sorry Just gone!
@Grumpy Anon, I'm afraid they already have Christmas stuff in the shops. I was in my local town centre last Saturday (20/08/16) and saw in Debenhams that they were putting out their Christmas Cards and gift items. I then checked a card shop and sure enough they had their Christmas cards out as well.
The two libraries near me say they've yet to receive supplies of this years guide. I've tweeted Open House about it but no response so far. Anyone seen any copies in local libraries?
@ Grumpy Anon - spied the "Christmas" tubs of Roses, Quality St etc in a local tesco at the weekend. Already on promotion at £5 each.
Yep, got my double helping of Open House brochure goodness last Thursday 18th from my local and rapidly disappearing custodians of free literature.

I suspect the fact that Mr. Visits whinges about not getting his paid for copy by the booking deadline and the doeful Mr. Geezer advertising other events alongside Open House is down to the fact both of them used to publish what was bookable prior to the release of the free copy leading to the Great Open House meltdown of a number of years ago.

This year I have booked on a number of Open House tours/visits without the hysteria normally associated with getting Glastonbury tickets.
Mr. Visits whinges about not getting his paid-for copy by the booking deadline because the despatch procedure is unreliable. My paid-for copy never even turned up in 2014 or 2015 (thankfully this year it was on time).
As regards Tilbury I've just been checking GoogleMaps and StreetView. Seems the location of the ship or boat I'd wanted to see (and I couldn't tell if it's still there or not) was the actual "docks." The Passenger Terminal isn't the same, with its own entrance quite some distance away.

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