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Meanwhile, in the north, Waltham Forest Council seem very pleased with their "new entrance" to Eton Manor - which is really just a path into the car park running parallel to the existing pavement. (And I think the new bridge they mention in the press release is one which was built in 2012)
Our way in to the Olympic Park, given that we live in Stratford, is generally via Westfield (although sometimes we go the back way to get in to the Chobham end). Nice a couple of weeks back to see the consultation boards in Westfield for the planned new YHA youth hostel just by Stratford Station.
Shame about the Greenway still shut. Many WH supporters will want to come and go via West Ham station, the Greenway would be the best way to walk.

As for the Stratford Stn Youth Hostel well .... ...!
My visits to the QEOP (by bike) are typically via the High St into Warton Rd and then to the parking area by the Aquatics Centre.
I went there not long ago (for a GDIF* event) to find the road I use [the one which passes the 9/11 memorial] closed.
It was quite a surprise to find how far you actually have to go to get yourself back to Carpenters Road, to the place that was only about 200yds from where the detour started!

(*Greenwich + Docklands International Festival)
Very heartening to see that the allotments are back in the park. And congratulations to the allotmenteers for hanging in there during their long battle. It always struck me as illogical that plans for the 2012 ‘green’ Olympics couldn’t accommodate an area that really was green.
I've been past the barriers that stop access from Bridgewater road, they'd already been pushed slightly open by others so went through and made it into the park, I couldn't see anything in the underpass at all that justified keeping it closed but what would I know
Sorry running a few days behind.

The Laser beam sign refer to sensors checking for movement round the cross rail portal. Both the DLR and the GE line have them at intervals near there.

Keep promising myself that I'll have a wander but with all the weekend line closures restarting after the school holidays and now football crowds to avoid that will have to wait.

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