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One more set of statistics.

In England, you enter the oldest 5% of the population at the age of 79. In London it's 75. And in Tower Hamlets it's 68.
I am in the oldest 10% for London, (but not for the UK). As I was born in London I guess that could be a reason for staying. However I find London a less pleasant place in recent years as it seems to have become very overcrowded city now, particularly noticeable on public transport. My only ideas of leaving are that this year bought a second home on the Spanish coast and will spend some of the winter months there- with many other English ex-pat pensioners!. Not to flee London but to avoid the UK winter weather.
You dg are at an awkward age in life as far as activities are concerned. There are many events in London for younger people up to say 40, then a not much until you get to pensioner age when you find many events for pensioners. I know I go to lots of them.
Move to Bournemouth!
When you say "the average UK male lives to be about 78", is that the life expedtancy at birth now? I suspect the life expectancy at birth when you were born was a bit lower than that. But of course you have got past the dangerous early years and reached 48, so the question is what is your life expectancy now, and I suspect that might be a bit more than 78. Which would be good news, no doubt!

Never heard of Brian Cant? Oh my word. Well, we know a little song about that...
You can always move to one of the "waiting to die" towns. Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Frinton? There are plenty to choose from.
Oh yeah. I had to look up the name...memory going these days! Only thing I remember is Humble - the doll that was mysteriously 'injured' between programmes. Clear case of domestic violence/abuse if ever I saw one!
A little psephology.

This certainly points out some of the reason why the recent "polling success" for the Pensioner's Party (aka UKIP).

When you have elections in England and specifically exclude London and other large conurbations, the profile of voters moves to the upper ages where people have plenty of time on their hands to be anything from disgruntled to xenophobic - and also have the time to go to a polling station.
A lot of people move out of London to the Home Counties when they have children because they don't want to bring up children in London. They then stay outside London as they get older and able to do so economically.
Being just 6 months younger than dg and a long-term resident of Bournemouth, I've had a look at the statistics for here. They don't fit with a lot of people's idea of the town. The modal age is only 20; with half the population aged 37 or less. 46 would appear in the national average 61-70% range and people 75 and over form just the oldest 10% of the local population!
I'm "only" in my mid-forties when i look in the mirror! Feel like i'm still in my mid-twenties, but my body now and again reminds me otherwise ha-ha Anyone else feel like that i wonder...?

I do. Whenever I look in a mirror I see the face and body of my father. It is very disconcerting.
I've never heard of Brian Cant.

(was not born when DG left university)
On my next birthday I will be 40 but I still feel like an 18 year old, unfortunately they are not intrested. Ba Dum Tish

Seriously though I do not feel I'm getting old until I look at the apprentices starting where I work and I realise they weren't born when I left school. I also feel old when I look at the top ten singles chart and I haven't got a clue who any of them are.
Not heard of Brian Cant!! I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with him when he was involved in some filming where I used to work.
Hamble not Humble!
In decades past the world did not revolve around 20 somethings. If you look at movies from the 1940's the average age seems to be about 50 - with many characters 60 to 70. The leading characters are NOT in their 20's! The leading characters are more likely to be 35 to 50.

Nowadays it's the world of brain-free popular culture where you're over the hill by 29.

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