please empty your brain below

Hmm, cholesterol down but blood pressure up, eh?

Which brand of beans and tea DG? We need to know!!!!

When I started to read your post today I thought...Ooo DG is possibly thinking about accepting...Oooo waivering? No surely not.

You see I can't see the whole screen and the first four paragraphs didn't seem quite as disparaging as normal for this genre of entry. But when I scrolled down...principles in tact and refusik answer loud and clear.

I even think it would be the same if Creme Eggs were on offer now.

Enjoy the beans on toast.

I really think you're overreacting. Is your keyboard missing a delete button or something? You could just ignore them. All this post has done is make me want a tall glass of refreshing Stella Artois.

Btw, the food miles and packaging of your free meal would've replaced the ones of your beans, bread and tea.

Stella's real name began with a K.
Just saying.

Hello Diamond Geezer,

I am a big fan of your blog which I read every day. Since you are talking about BEANZ(TM) on Toast, I wanted to let you know about a great offer for bloggers in your area.

Hunz BEANZ(TM) are the best known brand in the country and the default choice for BEANZ(TM) loverz across the country.

In recognition of your love for Hunz BEANZ(TM) I would like to offer you a week's supply of BEANZ(TM), couriered free from our headquarters in special RECYCLABLE steel tins, complete with integrated opening device (HandPullTM).

Perhaps you would be interested in dedicating one of your popular blogging weeks to the joy of Hunz BEANZ(TM)? You could write every evening about your delicious mealz centred around Hunz BEANZ(TM). We would be delighted to supply any accompanying products to help you along, e.g. different types of BEANZ(TM) (say, with Sausagez) or bread for toasting from our partner Worburmill. We can even supply Organic FairTrade potatoes from our exclusive farm in the jungles of Africa that come with a signed certificate of guarantee, should you wish to try BEANZ(TM) and Jacketz.

Let me know if you want to take up this great offer which you won't get anywhere else! We love your food blogging and would love to help you find great 'foodz' to write about.

Lots of love,

H. J. Hunz (Age 57)

When® these® press® releases® arrive® with® a® copyright® or® registered® mark® symbol® after® every® mention® of® the® brand® name®, you® end® up® with® an® email® that® looks® like® it® has® had® an® outbreak® of® spots®.

What they don't want you to do is refer to their product as Wifebeater. Oh no.

Pete Brown's an excellent writer on beer - - with a lot of experience in how it's marketed. He did a great piece on the decline of Wifebeater a couple of weeks back:

Good on you, DG. I'd hate for you to sell yourself out like that. Ignore the spammers, and just pour yourself a nice cup of tea (or a pint of Becks, just to spite this particular brand of lager, of course).

It turns out that Becks and "this particular brand of lager" are stablemates (sigh).

Becks tried offering me freebies back in July, and they got short shrift too. Addressing me as "Diamond Gezzer" didn't help.

Hey, Gezzer!!! I'm gonna call you that next time I spot you with a (paid-for) beer in your hand.

Unfortunately, you've probably given [the brand in question] more publicity through this piece than if you'd written about the freebie you'd accepted.

With advertising, people remember the 'different'. Which is this cf a normal review.

"Looks more airline meal than gourmet treat, and a true bin-filler"

Well, what did you expect?

"were intending to haemorrhage food miles"

Hang on a mo. Is this the same Diamond Geezer who opines a while back that the "food miles" involved in bringing kenyan vegetables to his local supermarket is a "myth"??? Hmmmm.... let me go check the archives....

Well there's a coincidence, coming just two days after I'd written in Friday's comments: "Another thing I suppose I must like is the integrity that shines through in your posts: no-one's going to buy off your favours with a cheap drink."

Hmmm. That link you put in. You haven't just blown your anonymity, have yer?

Actually, I don't know what you're all being so cynical about.
I've just tried this recycling thing and it works! I've just had a couple of beers with my lunch, and incredibly they're already recycling back into water.
Hey, if it helps save the planet, I'm happy to carry on doing my bit

The video they wanted everyone to watch.
By midnight last night, 75 views.
By 6pm today, 300 views.
Not exactly viral, then.

oh well, at least it works sometimes lol

I am a member of an online maketing website and get paid a small amount for my thoughts on various things.

One of the surveys last week was decribing what I thought and how I felt regarding various adverts for a certain larger "probably" the best in the world.

I did not have the heart to say it tates rather bad so would never buy it anyway however it was marketed.

I was offered this too, but wouldn't have been in at the time so didn't accept.

I find it glorious that someone thinks the random witterings I write to an audience of, ooh, 10 people is somehow deemed influential.

But I wonder what's to stop me taking the meal and never bothering to mention it at all on my blog? I guess maybe there are 'terms and conditions' I agree too and one of those is Thou Must Blogeth.

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