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This is one of those posts that I really look forward to. Margate I have never been, but I will try to go on my next trip to the UK.

Thanks to your post, I feel a sense of excitement about making a first visit to Margate.

Superb post DG, thank you. I also haven't been to Margate & will make the trip soon...

Yes indeed, Richard, a superb post. Personally I can't get to Margate but this is without doubt the next best thing.

I popped down to the Kent Coast one sunday last August, Margate was bleak and depressing, no holiday atmosphere, the beach was largely empty.
20 minutes around the coast is Broadstairs, a packed beach full of families, much prettier coastline, more interesting shops, nicer pubs, I might visit the gallery in Margate, but won't hang around afterwards

PS: It's worth taking the trouble to follow the link from Brian Sewell's name. A most interesting article, whatever your opinion of the gallery.

I haven't been to the new Margate gallery but feel sad that the building is so hideous -
great slabs with no diagonals, curves or decoration. Buildings like this are designed by people who are semi-autistic (scientists and mathematicians love them). They're actually afraid, I think, of anything organic like a curve or decoration - they don't like living things, which are "open-ended" (so to speak!) and can't be completely controlled by rigid design and theories. We have this problem in Oxford where the semi-autistics want these buildings thrown up, consisting of only horizontals and verticals - you look at them from, for instance, the left hand bottom corner to the right hand top corner, and everything is exactly the same - you look at them for a few seconds and there's nothing, but nothing, for the eye to linger on. Of course it's cheaper not to have decorations. But even in streets in Oxford which were built in the 19th century quite cheaply for the working class there's decoration - polychromatic brickwork, Venetian Gothic style windows, different styles of doorways. Perhaps some modern buildings are too huge to invite decoration. We had a campaign in Oxford to get rid of a development of these slabs, which was successful,
but other developments of slabs are going ahead - I've protested but no-one listens so I've given up.

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