please empty your brain below

Is todays post a test to see how many people read your blog in depth and can spot differences between the two?
Hmm... I'm sure I've read this somewhere before.
*heads to*
Excellent stuff ! Sneaked v tucked indeed.
I thought I was in the Groundhog Day movie.
I see somebody's just posted another grumpy comment on yesterday's post without reading today's.
I am having the weirdest deja vu.
I am having the weirdest deja vu.
[Does diff]

Smartarse stuff.
Err, apart from the ol' deja vu, 'bonus' is an addition in and of itself. 'Added bonus' is a tautology. And plain silly 'cos who's heard of a 'taken bonus'?

Sorry, I don't care about TfL's night tube, live far to far away to take advantage. I do care about English!
Or could you think of nothing to write today?
this reads like a PR puff, I'd like to read something written with a more impartial/even handed approach.
Typical - you wait ages for a DG article on the Tube, and then two come together.
Hehehe. Good stuff.

(Awaits first "sorry but..." comment)
Did you split the post in two, and one half is actually the one about the night tube whilst the other is unaffected?
Very clever.
Top drawer!
The behaviour of people who 'post' amazes me. You write a perfectly reasonable piece pointing out that when the Night Tube commences, there will be a period without closures. Obviously TfL want to get their new baby off to flying start so no closures for the near future. That is common sense. It is equally reasonable to be a little cynical about it, after all closures at any time of any service are a nuisance. What happens, all the Smart Alecs who read your pieces start griping. Grow up kids, I say. DG, keep writing and ignore those people who like to read your well crafted pieces (for free) but who also like to take a free swing at anything that niggles them.
Well done TfL, good news there
Much more positive ;)

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