please empty your brain below

There is a simple solution to get you to the middle, you simply do the same thing at each junction. But however this does not work for getting out again.

It occured to just the other day that that way to 'do' a maze nowadays is with a GPS device that let's you trace your route. You can then see where you've been and mark waypoints as you go. How geekily cool is that? Just a shame I live nowhere near Hampton Court now (used to be just 10 mins away from it...)

I did this nearly thirty years ago on a school trip!!!

On my first time into Hampton Court Maze I recall stumbling on a dropped sheet of typed paper just inside the entrance, 30-odd years ago.

It read simply something like:

Hampton Court Maze: L,L,R,R,R,R,R,L

(that wasn't the exact sequence, but that's how it was presented).

I doubt you could make it any more concise.

Oh yes you can.

As I grew up in Twickenham, I often used to go to Bushey Park and Hampton Court, I think the Maze was 3p coin to go in back then!
Keep left.

3d coin I hope, John, or do you make your own?

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