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102 cups of tea, as of this morning. Mostly Yorkshire.
Ah,the mystery count. Sorry to be morbid but I think it's the number of times you've died in February and therefore will always remain at 0 (unless someone else can update the count).
I think the mystery count is number of lottery wins (but for some reason I can't imagine you entering the lottery)
103-V-504, I don't think that is the Mystery Count as DG said if he was counting another month it would have happed at least once. I don't think you can die more than once.
Prompted by your encouragement, I counted the number of entries I took to complete each daily Wordle across the month.
My total was 112, with a single 2-hit, two worryingly borderline 6s and no fails. So by either mean, mode or median, when it comes to Wordle it seems I'm a precise and solid 4.
That’s quite exciting that you’ve been in Chingford.
My count is the number of toilet visits and drinks consumed at work.

In Feb 2022, it averaged at about 4 toilet visits per day, and 5.5 drinks per day.

In 2021 it was about the same, although 2022 had 16 work days and 2021 only 9. I drunk one more cup of tea in 21 than in 22, but three times as much coffee in 22 and three times as much water in 22. (Should probably look at the averages of those and not just the totals.)
I've been counting too, prompted by the post earlier this month.

My Tea consumption is well down on usual at only 121 cups (so far).

The other far less interesting categories I decided to count are written up on my blog here.
I had been hoping for a 1 on the Mystery Count as in "Journeys on Crossrail" given BR had announced it would be ready for the new millenium and now more than 20 years have passed, so you could have been counting it for that long. Annoyingly, I'd missed / forgotten the fractional year.
There can never be too many "counts" - at least, not by my calculation! Thankyou for going above and beyond with these posts.
Great news that you've purchased a new annual Travelcard. Looking forward to blogging reparts from across London again.

I agree with London becoming busy again - it was as though covid had never happened on the tube on Saturday evening.
I have also been counting things this month. To examine how the pandemic has affected my shopping habits I have counted the number of visits to retail shops and the number of shops visited.

Number of times I have been in a shop : 12; thats 8 visits to the Sainsburys, and 1 each to M&S Food, Greengrocer, Hardware shop and Garden Centre. so thats of 5 different shops visited.

I didn't record it, but suspect that 2021 would have been 8 or 9 supermarket visits and nothing else.

I don't have any pre pandemic data, but my shoping would have been more diverse. All through the pandemic I have been avoiding visiting shops if possible and buying more on line. During this February I made 8 on line/delivery purchases for books, electrical goods, clothes and gardening supplies.

It will be interesting to see if my shopping habits eventualy return to the old pattern or whether supermarket and on line will continue to dominate.
Count 9) Yay - a new travelcard! Shame there's an expected strike tomorrow!

Mystery Count - You do realise if I end up going to my grave not knowing what it was I will become one of those lost souls doomed to wander the internet airwaves forever more!
"My longest outdoor conversation was with a gravedigger in Edmonton, which isn't necessarily a fact to be proud of." I think that's something to be very proud of. In fact I think you should incorporate this conversation count into the annual figures. My most memorable conversation with a stranger was with a gravedigger on Shetland - he recited a poem from memory and told me he'd never been further than Aberdeen. More conversation reports please!
Books read in Feb 2022: 8 (of which read before: 7)
Books read in Feb 2021: 4 (of which read before: 0)
10 miles a day is seriously impressive. Quite a leap to go from that to an annual travelcard, what zones have you bough?
If desperate, a Becks can probably be had at the Half Moon, Mile End Road. The history before it became a pub fits in with other mentions of the various Half Moon theatres, recently.
My tea of choice is Lady Grey. Nice tinge of citrus, plus the second and third mugs from the pot are not bitter.
I really do drink a lot of tea don't I - 10-12 mugs per day, alswys Yorkshire. Hmmm, time for another one now ...
6: They should never have introduced Beck's Vier. It is horrible and has tainted the whole Beck's brand.
February is too short for the mystery event to stick in.
I drank 28 cups of coffee this month.

The step count count is really quite something.
I am wondering if I have missed the count of the number of pairs of shoes/boots you have worn out with your walking.
Five days in the office for me this month, which pretty much matches the total for the whole of last year - sorry, no exact count for that, but there were none at all in the 17 months from April 2020 to August 2021.
Some DLR trains have their front seats available, but some buses still have the front downstairs nearside seat taped off.

I've been extremely vulnerable over the last year (a frightening condition now cleared and hopefully staying so) and the transport system needs us all to take it up as quickly as we feel safe too. As long as people (understandably) stay away, passenger counts fall, or fail to rise significantly enough; that gives TfL the unwelcome ammo' to cut services. More passengers means we stand more chance of keeping our bus frequencies and routes.
Maybe it's time to count number of mentions of the word "dangleway" in the (serious) media outlets.
That Annual Travelcard purchase (Z1-3 I think?) is a bit of a surprise, and an indication of optimism pandemic-wise. I take it we can expect a flurry of Gold Card discounted day trips out of London if the investment is to have been cost-effective.
Perhaps the year of the 0.3 mystery count was a quick smooch whilst waiting at Bus stop M.
On Feb. 1st, I said I was going to count how many miles I drive in the month.

In February 2020, it was about 800 - my average monthly mileage.

In February 2021, it was only about 100, 40 of which were on one return journey.

Having just driven my last journey in February 2022, I can now reveal that I drove 427 miles. Half of them were on two trips to visit my mum (and watch Crystal Palace only get 1 point out of 6!).

I will try to remember to do this count again next year.
That 0.3 might be an event happening in the night 31.01. to 01.02 or 28.02 to 01.03. and more in January/March than in February.

Well, what might happen at night...
Count 12, the gravedigger in Edmonton. Am thinking this is part of the B154 review. Am also thinking that may have been the highlight!
Count 6. Wetherspoon still stock Beck's. £1.49 for a (small) 275ml bottle at my local; which I'm told is in their bottom tier charging band. So possibly more near you.

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