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I'm still grateful for the presence of the gents' loos on the passageway from the Met to the H&C at Baker Street. It was my saviour one night on a long trek from a gig in Uxbridge, and a lucky discovery from before the days of the map.

Roding Valley and Chalfont & Latimer are both shown as having toilets within the gateline, yet neither has ticket gates.

The key on the back of the standard map has some toilet information, its just not very readable. They could make the text larger, but then they would have to get rid of their beloved sponsorship panel.

Its all moot anyway. If the station master locks them up, or they go out of order, then you have to look elsewhere. This actually happened to me once consecutively at Upney then Barking. Good thing there is a big shopping centre opposite Barking station.

You indicate that the black ones are open for all but that would not be true if you were on a train. If you get caught short whilst moving and decide to leap out at a station then it would be decidedly inconvenient if the toiled was up on a mainline platform somewhere. It would be red ones that you would need in that case.

Another anomaly is Canary Wharf DLR, where there are toilets in the local shopping centre, but not within the station as indicated on the map.

I am surprised to learn there is a loo at Bank station though - as I have never found it, but often seen warning signs to people not to urinate in the corridors on a Friday evening. If there is a loo available, why not let people in the station know about it!

I would have made a key improvement to the map though:

Basically - A male/female/disabled only version - based on the principle that a single male is not (often) going to need where the ladies loo is.

Bank station loo is on exit 3, to the Royal Exchange. However it seems to be closed in the evenings (funnily enough when people might actually need to spend a penny!).

Regardless, if you were a Northern Line customer and you finally made your way to the platforms and decided you needed the toilet, there's no chance you could get back to exit 3 in time.

Only good thing about Bank Station toilets is that they are free.

I've never urinated in the corridor at Bank Station on a Friday evening. Tried it on a Thursday and it was fine.

Surely you should print your wee map out on A5?

...and on nice absorbent paper so if the facilities are a little primitive you've still got something handy to wipe with

Odd that they've missed off Finsbury Park, which has (free) bogs on the mainline platforms.

Hmmm, we don't have underground trains over in my part of London.
Is one trying to say that there are no toilet facilities on the trains themselves?

There are toilets in the ticket hall at Canary Wharf station, beautifully hidden at the foot of the main escalators.

Are the toilets all open from the first train through to the last one though? Otherwise some opening hours would be useful, too.

Opening hours would be a big gap here - many of them seem to close after 7 or so, often with the ubiquitous excuse of "Vandalism."

Also, they seem to have missed out the toilets at Vauxhall, in the bus station by the Tube Station entrance. If they're going to claim mainline station loos as toilet facilities for the tube, they might as well claim these ones too.

They also appear to have missed out the toilets at Westminster. I think they may be council run, but theyre still within the station complex. Inbetween exits 5 and 6. Right underneath Whitehall.

Could do with a symbol for stations with a McDonalds nextdoor...

... or better still a sign for a classic cafe within walking distance

I prefer the guilt-free toilet stop in a faceless conglomeration where I don't feel like I have to buy something. This makes me cheap, I understand this.

Don't point out all the shortcomings otherwise the powers that be (numpties) will spend more of our money on another know they monitor this blog!

The map is great; just what we needed. Now please can you run more tube trains.

There is a possibly unique London Buses open-air urinal-only at Vauxhall bus station

I am so relieved to learn about this map.

Regarding opening hours, the additional information on the back of the map says...

"Opening hours vary. If you need to use the toilet but find it locked please contact a member of staff for access"

...which is simultaneously 100\\% useless and 100\\% useful.

whenever I used to travel into town from parental home in Buckhurst Hill, the toilet always seemed to be locked, and without staff available to open it up... not suggesting I'm incontinent ... and the same with Woodford.

You wouldn't find that here in France.

No, here one just pisses onto the tracks.

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