please empty your brain below

Surely some mistake here. Oxford Circus has 72.9m passengers on the first list, but 77.2m on the second one. I think your data source is dodgy.

It's my cut and paste abilities that are suspect, not the data source. Should both be 72.9m.

This is a damned complicated post to compile!

I bet there are further errors, so if anyone spots one...

It must be pretty hard to calculate traffic for an unstaffed NR station with no barriers. On what basis do they guess the number?

"Station usage data consist of estimates of the total numbers of people entering, exiting and interchanging at stations."

If you want the full 29-page NR methodology report, it's this pdf here.

Fascinating data. I was surprised that East Croydon is busier than Clapham Junction.

"3) Wimbledon (15.8m) 4) ↑1 Vauxhall (15.9m)"
Should be other way around?

East Croydon is busier than Clapham Junction for entry and exits because Croydon is not only a major place that people commute from but it is also a major place that people commute to. Furthermore people tend to arrive at Clapham Junction by bus or on foot (if by another train it doesn't count) whereas at East Croydon there is a very large number of people arriving by numerous buses or a tram network that is very busy and crowded in the peak hours.

Minor copy/paste error: South Greenford retained its prime spot (least busy NR stations), not up 2.

Oh, and Theydon Bois (ten least busy tube stations) stays put.

Are the figures based on just entries and exits, or do they include interchanges as well?

Three corrections made, thanks.
• Two unnecessary arrows removed.
• Vauxhall NR should have been 15.0m, not 15.9m.

Thanks for taking the trouble to compile this, it is an interesting read. Many of the stations on the Central Line loop feature in the least used. I guess the others must be pretty popular, as when I lived in Leytonstone every Central Line train I got on into Liverpool Street during the rush hour was packed (I know a number are from Epping.)

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