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You managed to fit a hell of a lot into one day...
I had ten hours. I didn't hang around :)
Those boarded up houses look like the areas of Baltimore where The Wire was filmed, and not in a good way. Very sad.
Some years ago I got a cab across Liverpool and marvelled at what seemed to be an estate of huge 3 storey houses all waiting for demolition. The cabbie told me they were 6-7 bedroom houses that no-one needs 'because now everybody's got sky TV'.
Labour love a 'big plan', its OK to run down and destroy a community, because the 'big plan' will provide better housing for everybody, except that the money ran out, areas of Stoke were decimated for the same reason.
@ No Name Given

Concur...and no way the Tories "big society" is going to do any different. Or the Liberals or UKiP or any combination of those "parties". Those that have money may independantly be able to do something...but only if their "investment" brings the right "returns". left to the community to gather round an do it for themselves. Sadly though the community "spirit" seems to have either been crushed or disappeared as of late. Maybe that was part of the "big plan" both "red" & "blue" sides of "our" governments?
Brookside Close. So, if the houses from the telly weren't numbered 5-10, but took on numbers from 47 upwards, does that imply that there are six 'real' house already numbered 5-10 ? Or are those numbers unallocated, to somehow preserve anonymity ?

I don't understand the layout.

dg writes: The complete run of houses in the Close are currently numbered from 43–67. I don't understand the logic either.
Those Welsh streets reminded me of the setting of Alan Clarke's remarkable tv film Road. You see similar derelict streets in the first minute:
Thanks DG - I'm glad that I wasn't being thick.

Maybe somebody at Liverpool City Council is, though ! ;o))

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