please empty your brain below

Sell out.

(this is a joke, obviously)

Excellent, glad you made the exception. Looks far more like the book I'd like to read about the subject than the one already published.

Thanks DG.

A worthwhile reason to (very) temporarily lift the PR embargo.

I presume that now in the words of the short guy in Mad Max beyond thunderdome it's "Embargo on". again!



I have the first book and now I shall head out to purchase the second.

I really must carry on with my researches (on the ground- the info is probably already online somewhere) for the source and path of two culverted and mislaid streams in Dagenham.


This sounds like the sort of book that may interest me, as I do have a slightly odd interest in most things that happen to be underground in London.

In fact, because of your review, I'm now seriously considering picking up a copy of this book myself, even if it does cost the best part of £15.

By the way, I've also written reviews of the books that I read over the summer (and, no, I haven't received any payment to write them either, as like you I don't believe in selling out). You can read them on my blog.

Cheers for making the exception that proves the rule. That's husband's Xmas gift sorted. Any chance of you contributing to a second volume for these publishers?

Thanks for such a informed review, and sorry for putting you off with press release. If it's any consolation, my publisher is a authentic one-man operation and my press machine is a friend helping me in her spare time.

I'm delighted you like the book. As someone who's walked all the lost rivers there are to walk, I very much value your opinions.

Excellent review of what looks like and excellent - I've just ordered a copy! (I see also from the publisher's website that every copy they sell direct is signed by the author. I hope Tom has plenty of ink in his pen...)

Does it show that I've got a filthy mind because I immediately spotted the double entendre in the last comment.

"we're neither of us fluvial purists"

what a great throwaway line, DG. wonderful :-)

As a hidden- river walker since reading your Fleet river series way back, I will definitely be buying this but it will have to be good to beat your walks. Once again - I know I have written this before - when, when, when will we see all your marvellous Londn stuff in one book too?

Just spotted that there will be an exhibition of some of the photographs in this book, here - - from 22nd March - 19th April 2012.

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