please empty your brain below

enjoy life
…and theres me waking up to a windy, wet grey sky thinking it was going to be a miserable day.
In most scenarios you outlined there is likely to be some human life left. We are an amazing creature that has survived all sorts of disasters in the past including plagues that wiped out a third of the population, horrendous wars and genocides and natural disasters including volcanic eruptions that blocked out the sun for months leading to massive harvest failure and famine.

Our ability to destroy and survive should never be underestimated.
Carpe diem.
Keep taking the Tables dg, I do.....
Where's the hidden link to kitten pictures?
But will there be enough time to rename the overground lines?o
Ohhhhh the years are randomised.
I could hear the measured voice of the late Richard Burton reading this … AI or DG?
its time to pack,
Did you have a bad weekend? 😏
Given the almost infinite improbability of life materialising in the first place, and of any particular organism coming into being, let alone inventing smartphones, this is all ridiculous anyway. We live on a thin crust of topsoil over a raging bubbling inferno ffs, zapping round a conflagrant star we can't even look at in a weird multiverse full of black holes and dark matter. How this has provided sufficient stability for 14 billion years for conscious (allegedly) creatures able to worry about the future to develop defeats me. Time for another cup of tea.
One morning DG has set out to survey the flooding across London and has written up a blog with photos. But he can’t post it and we can’t see it if even he did. The flooding has brought London to extinction. Can’t even buy mini cheddars.
This is the end of our world.
Just the tonic... one of part of history that fascinates me is the collapse of the Roman empire, and how society in western Europe went so far backwards in technological terms. We went from even moderately well-off people living in stone and brick houses, to the point that even kings lived in wooden halls. I bet no one in 350AD saw that coming either
It’s being so cheerful that keeps you going.
I would be more concerned about how quickly it happens. If it is absolutely instantaneous, nobody will know about it and so won't have a chance to be bothered. If it happens gradually over perhaps many years, which might already be occurring now, it will cause much more worrying.
Oh happy day!
Will Harry Kane manage to win a trophy before the world ends?
Tom Lehrer wrote a cheerful song about that some years ago. We will all go together, or something like that.
Comic Book Guy: "Oh, I've wasted my life".
Mr Burns: "Thank you for making my last minutes on Earth socially awkward."
Ned Flanders: "Que Sera Sera.. "
Arthur Dent: "I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”
I'm concerned that we've gone from Two Minutes to Midnight (Iron Maiden's contribution to the imminent nuclear annihilation songs of the mid 1980s) to 90 seconds to midnight in just 40 years!

Best not to think on it too much.
Planet earth would be better off without humans. Think it would get along just fine.
I recently watched Threads again (1984). The pre-nuke part is looking dated but the post-apocalypse would not have changed at all. Terrifying.
You OK hun?
What, no more creme eggs?
I’m just enjoying refreshing the page and watching the random Doomsday years change 😊
Memo to Mr Coffin Dodger.

In a few billion years time we will be engulfed by the consequences of our sun dying, and there ain't anything any of our successors are going to be able to do about that.

Humans or not it's a one way ticket to destruction.

It's just a matter of time scale and perception of time.
The subject of the end of the world always reminds me of an episode of the Goodies where the threesome faced such an event with much shouting and regrets. Then at the appointed hour nothing happens. Much wild celebration from Graeme and Tim while Bill Oddie says 'fooled you, I just put the clock forward two minutes'. Bang
People have been proclaiming the end of the world for millennia. Best to just ignore things outside our control (deathly asteroids, nuclear missiles, freak geological events etc) and live every day to the fullest.
“we got lucky there, the virus wasn't the instant lung-killer a future bug could be”

Actually we got unlucky. A virus that kills people instantly wouldn’t spread very fast and would likely die out. Covid was pernicious precisely because its death rate was relatively low.

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