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It is nice to see your photos of Cornwall in wintery weather,I have only ever visited in the Summer, from your writing it seem that even in poor weather there are still tourists about.

Mont Saint-Michel in France in line for a visit?
AFAIK spring tides are the high ones (sun and moon in line), and neap tides are the low ones.
So to walk to the mount would be best at a neap tide.
Maybe I've misunderstood.
Spring tides are the high ones and the low ones. Neap tides have a smaller range, so sometimes barely uncover the causeway at all.
I'm sure I remember seeing a mummified Egyptian cat in the house. It was extraordinarily stretched out like a sausage wrapped in bandages. Is it still there or did I imagine it, DG?
"..otherwise there's no way the 87 year-old Queen could have made it up here on her last visit."

Don't be daft. She parachutes in!
There's also an amphibious vehicle that serves Burgh Island on the Devon coast, but it's different enough to leave yours to retain its claim to uniqueness
Strictly speaking, I think the island belongs to the National Trust, but the St Aubyn family retained a long lease of the 'private bits': (and there are some odd spots the title to which remains unregistered, which presumably still belong to the family).
I presume you still get chased off before the tide cuts the island off? At Lindisfarne, another part-time island, you can remain on the island when the tide comes in, which is a very different experience.

dg writes: No, there's a regular £2 boat service.
Thanks for the wonderfully evocative report which makes me realise a return trip is long overdue,

Martin - the official website mentions the mummified cat but there's not much detail,

RogerW - Burgh Island is a very similar experience to St Michael's Mount; although the buildings are not as interesting the view from the top of the island is, if anything, even more stunning.
After reading your reports on Cornwall I decided to returned and see how the area had changed. I visited late September 2018.

Where the heliport stood in Penzance there is now a large Sainbury's "super" store. As there is now talk of starting the Helicopter service again they have to find a new site for the landings.

The tide was up at St.Michaels Mount during my visit so it was cut off but made for some lovely photos in the late afternoon warm sunshine. Unlike you cold March visit I was fortunate in having 3 days of cloudless sky and unusually warm September weather.

I went to St Ives, had a pastie and looked at the Tate. If you though the surfing beach outside the Tate was nice you should try and get along to Hayle or Gwithian where there is a 3 mile long beach of golden sand within St Ives bay, very popular with surfers.

For your next trip I suggest the Minack Theatre, Geevor Mine and the Porthcurno telegraph museum. Also get a bus along the Atlantic coast from St. Ives to St.Just for spectacular views.

dg writes: I did go to the Minack Theatre and the Porthcurno telegraph museum.

I have visited The Scilly Isles many times by boat and the old helicopter service, the day trip is well worth it, the boat is fine but can be rough sailing on the outward trip. If you go make sure you get to Tresco Island and see the gardens.

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