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Brilliant post, DG!

I love the idea of the athletes squabbling over who gets to carry their national flag.

Chris Hoy "Where's the flag, I've got to carry it into the stadium."

Rebecca Adlington "I've got it, it's my turn to carry it, you carried it the last time."

Several groups of lost Chinese tourists are wandering around Plaistow taking photographs

They were probably looking for the house where Shakespeare was born.

Smart refusniks will have peed off at least a week before the games, with the madness having begun at least a week before that.

Hahahahaha! Brilliant! I love these kinds of posts the best!

I am impressed that in the 2005 post you correctly predicted that just one credit card company would be a sponsor. Sadly you plumped for the wrong one ;)

I'm wondering how the BP sponsorship will affect shots of the London Eye in the Olympic TV coverage next year, considering that the Shell Building will probably be in the background.

I love what happens at 8am. Great post. :-)

Your post regarding your thoughts (in very small print) about the opening of the Olympics gave my memory a small jolt, as I have also written about the Olympics opening, but mine was about Beijing!

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