please empty your brain below

Heading links to Dane's Yard and SLGHaWC are the same.

I honestly can't see the SLGHaWC ending up as anything but yet another private clinic.
Heading links now fixed, thanks.

I make these errors as the sole means to get comments on obscure Open House posts, obviously.
I think the Old Ford site had been a water works site for many years - including a bore hole which is still used in drought to supplement supply...

When the site was redeveloped to include the recycling plant - the overgrown site became a "wildlife reserve" to meet green credentials...
This has a special place in my memory as on my very 1st day at Camden Council( March 1st 1995), I was sent
off to a presentation by the then out going Chief exec who did a presentation on the regeneration
of King’s Cross – One of the things he mentioned was the plan to remove the ‘carbuncle’ attached to the
elegant faced of the station.

18 years and nearly 6 months later! IT’GONE….

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