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To add to your distinguished past performers at the Hackney Empire, Eamon Andrews hosted TV's "This is Your Life" at the theatre back in the late 1950s (and I think it may have been live)
Good to see the Mildmay. Last year I was commissioned to make two trade union style banners for a celebration that was held there. I was really pleased by the way they looked as they were processed around the green and then placed infront of the sparkly curtains. You've brought back some happy memories for me.
The stage back drop of The Mildmay Club is giving me Phoenix Nights vibes.

I've never been to the Little Angel Theatre but have heard of it because I read the autobiography of Ronnie Le Drew, he was the puppeteer for Zippy from Rainbow and he started at that theatre and I believe he is still involved with it.
Stuart Lee recorded stuff at the Mildmay Club, available on YouTube if you want to see more of the dance hall. We had our wedding party there 4 years ago after marrying elsewhere. We had become members of the club the previous year. It felt odd in those surroundings being interviewed for membership by middle class committee members. The building is in desperate need of cash because the building is leaking like a sieve. I hope it survives, but it appears to exist on a knife-edge.
At the end of all this can we please have a table mapping the quick summary bullet points to the venues? I've enjoyed working out most but there are quite a few gaps.

dg writes: deliberately, no
Thanks for all the reviews. It has made me more determined to try and get round some of the properties next year.
I'm amazed at the ground you were able to cover - no wonder you want some time to put your feet up and recover.
Have a feeling that Leslie Phillips also made his stage debut (but as a boy soprano, not an actor) at Hackney Empire, before his slightly later professional acting stage debut in the West End and subsequent fame in suave bounder roles.
I was once on a touring holiday with a couple who were involved with the Mildmay Club. They told me that the management of the club was very factional. A previous management committee had been intent on neglecting the membership and the upkeep of the premises, in the hope they could sell the site and distribute tons of money. This has happened at many other clubs in London, but on this occasion the committee was thrown out and replaced by people who wanted to make a go of it. Let’s see how well they do…
Baldassaro, that's my understanding also. I recall that they had the expertise within the new committee to improve the facilities but that cost was an obstacle. I've just remembered that I was asked by someone to help out (I am a construction professional). I said 'yes' and heard no more... then I moved out of the area to a different part of London.
The best was saved 'til last - not a word more needs to be spoken...
Bad luck because
a) that wasn't the last one
b) I said it wasn't the last one
c) I haven't even written the 5th one yet

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