please empty your brain below

I hated it too. So I left.

Try typing.....

#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;}

into your template - worked for me

One more reason to continue reading the blog in Safari's RSS feed.

I'm appalled.

New Blogger is indeed 'a disappointment'

And it doesn't work with w-bloggar.

And the comments system is doubly shite and is pretty well unusable for those of us with multiple gmail accounts.

But it still does really all I want it to do - display words on the screen. As soon as they remove that facility then I am off.

Hmmmm, that is a real pain.

So glad I couldn't get blogger to work when I first started blogging.

No such thing as a free lunch - if you had to pay for your bandwidth it would cost you at least £2 a week.

Your bar doesn't appear on my PC here thanks to the miracle of firewalls.

i was forced to use new blogger over-night some time ago. mike at troubled-diva really likes it and may have some tips.

fortunately, i don't have that bloody awful bar at the top - i think it's something to do with having my own domain name or something - but what do i know.

i completely agree with johnnyb about it not being compatible with w-bloggar - that's a real pain.

You can make the "navbar" disappear as mentioned above. See / view source, to see in practice. I was in the same boat, having paid for Blogger Plus. There is a setting for the colour, if you want to keep the bar. It's in the settings somewhere. To make your heading appear, you can stick a couple of <br>'s before it.

Switch to Wordpress

Do a forwarder.

Job done.

I complained to blogger about mine when the navbar first came out, and they gave me the option to remove it.

I find I can't live without it now, as it's an essential tool for searching through my archives.

Swings/roundabouts, guy.

I suggest switching to too, you might even be able to import your old blog.

Whatever you do, I mainly read your RSS feed and don't visit the actual blog so it doesn't bother me, though if I were you I'd be quite f**ked off. It's the simple little things sometimes isn't it?

"mike at troubled-diva really likes it and may have some tips."

Well, I don't hate it, and my "upgrade" was a painless one, but those of us with our own domains don't appear to be plagued by the navbar. (Hardly a justification for the expense of maintaining your own web space, though.)

Best thing: publishing happens in the background, so you can crack on and do something else in the meantime.

Also, categories suit me very well indeed, as a lot of my posts are inter-linked. So, for instance, your Random Borough stuff could all appear on one dedicated page, which is handy for new readers who specifically want to read one particular subject.

Worst thing: the login cookie doesn't work properly on this browser, so I'm constantly having to log in again. This is particularly irksome with the VILE VILE VILE Blogger comments, which are a serious disincentive towards leaving any comments at all.

Oh yeah, you need to alter your template to correct the permalinks - the #number now appears twice. Zoe and I both had that problem initially.

The big problem with these forced upgrades is that my Bloglines picks up all the recent posts whenever a Blogger page is updated. This morning it showed as 35 new updates from you, and it seems I'm getting a similar number from other updated blogs. Bloglines today showed I had over 3000 new posts across all my feeds rather than the more usual 1000 or so.

From my computer screen you now look like "aiamond geezei".

rage against the machine

To be fair, New Blogger hasn't failed on me yet, while Old Blogger used to fail all the time, which made me jump ship to Typepad (which is nice, if a bit simple and inflexible).

But yeah, anyone who had a blog before 2003 seems to have been disregarded in all this. Which is a shame, because without them, Blogger would be nowhere.

The giveaway on Bloglines is (25). If I see a (25) next to a site, then I can pretty well guarantee that a New Blogger upgrade has just taken place.

Ten things…

1 The migration to new Blogger was handled appallingly, and dumped me on a page with an error message (which apparently is normal while your blog is being migrated, but nobody actually tells you this). The error message hung around for over an hour, making me thing the whole process was permanently buggered.

2 Once I'd been migrated, I was told that I didn't appear to have any blogs of my own and would I like to start a new one? Cue serious panic. Only by working through a series of possible problems, and effectively migrating everything all over again, did I get access to my blogs back again.

3 So appallingly was the whole migration carried out that I bet the majority of non-technical, non-English-speaking users end up staring at the screen in bafflement, assuming they've lost everything, and giving up and walking away, never to return.

4 I've complained to Blogger Support about the imposition of the navbar, and I'm awaiting a reply. But I fear it may be a week or so before one of their cheerful support monkeys sends me a glib reply.

5 Complaining to Blogger got my navbar removed 4 years ago. I'm sort of hopeful this time, eventually.

6 I don't want to try using a cunning template tweak to remove the navbar until I've gone through the official channels. I'm polite like that.

7 Sorry mike, but I'm not intending to tag all my posts. For a start, there are about 2500 old posts to tag, and life's too short. And secondly, my "classic" template only permits the display of the last 20 tagged posts, and no more. So there's no point.

8 Oh great, I'd forgotten about the post-migration permalink-doubling problem. I'll try to fix that later.

9 All you people who only view my blog via RSS. Yes, I know you don't notice (or even care) that my template is buggered. But on those special occasions when I deliberately tweak my template for a bit of a laugh (April 1st springs to mind), I care that you don't notice.

10 No, I'm not migrating to Wordpress or Typepad. Because I agree with Jonny B. The one thing that Blogger lets me do is to display words on the screen, without having to fork out money for hosting and bandwidth. And for that reason I'm sticking with it. Even if it's a bit rubbish sometimes, and extremely rubbish occasionally.

I dislike the forced change, and there still is no "forward publishing" feature (grrrr) but the current platform is more reliable. Value for money is still good.

Scribefire plugin for Firefox is not a bad substitute for w.bloggar.

Much more annoying to me is the extra work I have to do to get my photos on line at the right size, after they killed off the Hello BloggerBot. I like to max out at 900 or 1024 pixels so that the people who click to see the larger, better, photo don't have to scroll. The option of Flickr isn't good for me, neither is hosting my own bandwidth.

I've now moved to this format for Blogger Comments: Allow comments from all including anonymous and switch off word verification (avoids issues with multiple google logins). Switch on eMail notification so you can quickly scan and delete spammers. Side benefit, you see people posting comments on old posts. Works for me. Of course, I could always use Haloscan.

Yuck. How awful.

All I can say is, how come they only pushed you into it NOW??? They got me to convert ages ago. Bastards. Still, it does what it says on the tin. Mostly.

I'd read about the 20 posts limit with classic templates as well. However, this doesn't actually happen in practice. I've got a "top25" label for my 25 favourite old posts, which displays all 25 on the same page.

I wassn't suggesting tagging all 2500+ old posts (the very thought), but tagging has proved useful - in my case if in no-one else's - as a way of tidying up a limited number of selected archive links.

IF you wanted to avoid tagging you could give a try. It creates a sidebar with a cloud of your heavily used words, although not sure if it will do the whole blog or just recent parts, (on the downside it does appear blocked here on the work connection)

Me too, why did they force us? And those tag things are the pits. I hate it!

I bet you are "fun" to work with today aiamond geezei.

All you Bloggers are narky today!

And the blue line has just turned white! It will go red in anger soon!

the navbar is all in Dutch now - this morning it was in English.

Have you moved, DG ?

Maybe we should all click on the "FLAG BLOG" button in your beautiful new header thingy, to alert Blogger to the newly implemented "objectionable content" on this page. I fear they might miss the point though.

I'm guessing its the extra topmargin type stuff you have in the body control that is cropping the heading.

Someone else described the STYLE control

#navbar-iframe {height: 0px;visibility: hidden; display: none;}

which stamps out the blue bit if you really can't stand it. It could be gone by tea-time.

Ah HA! this explains wy you have now been BLOCKED AS P*RN by my highly sensitive work internet firewall.

I thought something must have happened, as you don't TEND to post a RACEY kind of blog entry often!

I will have to wait until I log on at home now...awww

I'm definately not reading this blog anymore because of the blue bar thing.

My navbar is in spanish! See:\\_spanish.jpg

But there again, i *am* in Mexico at the moment, so it obviously adjusts to where ever you are in the world.

Also DG, Wordpress is free. Don't get confused between the free version ( and the 'have to pay for your own hosting and setup your own SQL database version' (

That is all

Sigh. I've just discovered that Blogger's internal search engine no longer works.

Yesterday if I wanted to track down an old post about doughnuts, and copy some code from it, I could just search for "doughnuts".

But today all I get is an error message. And 2734 posts to click through manually.

Which is going to piss me off no end.

I think it makes you more "one of us" in a democratising sort of way DG. Like we're all in the boy scouts or something.

...or you could just search using "doughnuts" which works perfectly on any site.

Yes Ham, I could. But that doesn't help me to copy the code from my doughnuts post, not without a lot of hassle. Neither does it allow me to edit my doughnuts post and republish it, because I can't find it within Blogger any more. Which is a long way short of perfect.

Blogger Employee Jordan has posted the following message about my search woes...

Hi guys

Thanks for keeping us updated on your difficulties. The fix for this is currently in the works. We appreciate your patience.

- Jordan

I'm not expecting imminent success.

I tried the official route too. Nada.

They're channeling images through to Picasa now as well, and they block FTP access. So make sure you have copies of everything.

It's still a good, and possibly the best platform. The devil you know.

You noticed then ...

Thanks Ham - I'll have a look at Scribefire.

I think, to be fair, the 'forcible migration' is only to be expected. Otherwise they've got to keep two systems going, which is horribly difficult and expensive. The problem is that the new version isn't good enough for people to particularly WANT to upgrade.

I found a lot of my old content completely disappeared off Google as well. Not sure if this has been fixed. I could check now. But I can't really be bothered. is free, supports import from Blogger, and just lets you display words on the screen. I moved about a year ago and never looked back.

I find that paying £20 a year is not too much of an imposition to avoid all of this sort of trouble. When something breaks, it gets fixed much more quickly if you've paid good money for the service (relatively speaking).

I did have a Blogger account, for about three days, but after researching all known alternative 'cold', and with no preconceived idea of which was best, I found Wordpress to be the most suitable for me.

Each to their own though.


At least you *are* in a spanish speaking place. My \blue bar// is in German and am still sitting here in blighty, just that blogger thinks I am in Germany.


And for those pondering WordPress (.org.. the one you download), there are ways to take your HaloScan comments with you.

In fact I guess it's similar for too.. it's just an export/import type operation.

I'll 3rd the suggestion.

I'm with you DG on this.

When Blogger works, it works well. My beef is that with minimal bandwidth on a dial-up connection I can't always get through the two logging on pages to the dashboard before I get disconnected, even though Google recognises my IP.

As I always file a copy of my posts, by doing a Search through my filed archives I can find particular posts going back more than 3 years. When I want to copy code, for example to repeat a picture, I go into Manage Posts, then Edit, then HTML and the bit of code is there to be copied and pasted.

I've looked at Wordpress and probably every other free template, host and format going, but, as has been said above, better the devil you know, and we don't have to tag everything.

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