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Ouch. Sorry to hear that DG.

If it's any consolation, I'm sure many of your readers will know the feeling. I have more than once in haste pressed "No" after editing a lengthy Word document, when exiting and being asked the simple question "Save changes?" and then screamed!

I'm sorry to hear that, DG. I would've liked to hear your thoughts on Crossrail, as I've completely lost the thread of what's going on with it now.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who will remember more of the salient points from having read this lighter version rather than the other more fact-packed and link-intense version.

Well, that's me told.

Ouch, it's incredibly painful when that happens. It's worth trying (undo) at the moment of disappearance: I've been saved more than once since I found that out!

This'll teach you for not regurgitating the press releases like every other obedient blogger.

Sorry to hear about that, but I think I'm with Blue Witch in saying the revised post you came up with here doesn't seem to have suffered at all for being a second attempt.
I was specially taken with this paragraph here: 'There was one particular sentence about how all the stations look like airport terminals buried underground, which isn't necessarily a good thing. I had a particular laugh at the verbose drivel some of the architects had written about their beloved designs. Bond Street, for example, "will use the concept of a colonnaded pavilion which enables internal spaces to be perceived from various parts of the station and which will provide framing for the movement of people while assisting passenger flows and intuitive way-finding." I'm not the only one writing inadequate rubbish today.'
a) because you actually don't write inadequate rubbish, and
b) maybe it's not so bad to liken train stations with the idea of "airport terminals buried underground."
I mean, hey... haven't we all at some point thought of a train as being pretty much like a plane? Er... but without the wings.

Oh dear. I write all my blogposts in notepad first for this very reason

You're getting new stations! In Britain! In 2010! Under a Tory government!

And what's more, they are rather more substantial than just a portakabin next to a single platform made out of scaffolding poles.

Only a Londoner would find something to whinge about all this.

You don't write your blog entries in a wordprocessor program first and then upload them?

Sorry, no sympathy at all.

Oh dear! How very frustrating, and a place where I'm sure we've all been at one time or another.
I applaud you for picking yourself up and starting over, to bring us an interesting piece, even if it was 'second best' as far as you were concerned. I'm afriad if it was me, todays post would have just read "Oh sod it"!

lots of useful maps at:

don't see what's wrong with this??!?

Merely high level maps, overview routes.

Nothing even vaguely zoomed-in.

Where precisely are the stations going, they're not saying.

How frustrating, sorry to hear that DG. Thanks for the 'lite' version anyhow.


I am all for the visitor centre but don't like the sound of three staff loafing around chatting to each other, unless they are volunteers. A centre like that could be laid out in such a way it does not need any staff at all.

Apart from that whinge I am reluctant to be negative at all about this project as London is lucky it's going ahead and bloody well needs it.

Nice 1000 word article DG! ;-)

Hahaha, I once did this at work. I could not be bothered to create a presentation so I pretended that my computer crashed and made a short version with the salient points and only pictures on the slides. Every few minutes I lamented on about how the original presentation was just perfect and "there was a point about X which I just can't remember" etc. It seemed pretty believable but then the rest of my colleagues decided to become lazy. Well it was my idea first!

I use the Lazarus extension for Firefox. It has saved me many a time by recalling what I had written into a form on a webpage.

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