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Re the first cash point, all 3 linked articles refer to PIN number - so that will be 'personal identification number number' then!
Barnet Market has moved to Enfield?!

dg writes: Ah no, oops. Next time, could someone notice that before I go to the seaside...
and after yesterday's twelve year old veteran, today's 61-plate is the newest bus so far.

Definitely progress, as the Lea marks the boundary between the pre-GLC counties of Middlesex and Essex.

But getting off at Chingford Green suggests we are not going to Loughton on the 397 as I had expected - 179, 275, 247 then?
Ah, once upon a time (well, pre-1986, I think), to follow the border more closely (albeit mostly from the non-London side), you could have got the old version of the 242 from Potters Bar to Chingford via Waltham Cross, with long country stretches in both Herts and Essex.
@ Timbo - hmmm I too was expecting the 397 to be next with the 167 and 247 following on. If DG does do as you suggest then bizarrely I was on two of those routes just yesterday!
DG - can't help noticing your 'posted' times. Do you never sleep?
I wish Andrew Adonis had written so comprehensively.
Bronchitikat - Astute readers may have noticed that times other than 0700 generally have a special significance.
Way back in the late 1950's/early 1960s the 313 was a Green Line bus which travelled between Enfield and St Albans. I believe some journeys even operated to Whipsnade although I'm not sure when. When I was in the Sixth Form in Enfield somebody had a pal who was a conductor on the 313 and provided us with complimentary travel. As I recall we never got beyond Potters Bar.
My favourite seats on a single-decker are:

For commuting: seat with the emergency exit - more leg room

For exploring: second last row, on the left. If I've got this right, DG would be sitting in front of me. I prefer this seat because usually there is a transverse window in DG's seat, which makes a thick black horizontal line just above my eye level which I find annoying and distracts from the view.

If my seat is taken, I usually get the bus in the opposite direction until the terminus so I have first choice... otherwise I sit in the middle on the back row, which means at least there are no heads blocking my view (if no standees).

Green Line routes were all numbered in the 700s. The 313 to Whipsnade was, surely a normal "country area" (green) London Transport bus route
Thanks for that, it was a long time ago. Yes it was indeed a London Transport 'country' service in green.
P.S I remember the trolleybuses turning at Enfield as well.
I'm also in the "sit in the emergency exit seat for extra (read sufficient) legroom" camp, though this option is being phased out with WTA spec single deck buses.

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