please empty your brain below

I hope they have some old Laurel and Hardy films on TV this year.
I normally go to the cinema on Christmas Day afternoon. Sometimes I also go to the open-air heated swimming pool on Christmas Day morning. Both these venues are normally open and busy that day.
(Cinema Feltham, swimming Hampton).
The lack of public transport is rather restricting; they should at least run some sort of bus service at Christmas.

blimey, you nearly caused a row until i suddenly remembered that a blogger had kindly sent us the 6th series of 24.

We are saved!

merry christmas or whatever you do, DG.

Now remind me, why is it we have to pay TV licences?

I will be in France. That means watching circus on TV. Christmas in France means watching circus on TV every year.

At least there won't be any "highlights" I have to catch up on when I get back to London.....

Oops - except Tennant and Minogue.

Forgot that. Thank heavens for torrents of joy.

I look forward to Extras - the christmas special. Still don't quite know when it gets send though.

Argh. I work for A.N. Other Listings Magazine and that was the last thing I needed after the annual near-nervous-breakdown over the xmas schedules (we basically have to do the xmas double issue in three or four days, WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT PROGRAMMES ARE DEFINITELY ON).

Urg. Thanks DG you've just reminded me that xmas=hell.

I'm working night shifts on all those dates (and more!) so thankfully I shall either be driving around or asleep - and will miss pretty much everything of them.

Where is the "none of the above" option?

Xmas Eve - working, then we watch the Muppets Christmas Carol and Home Alone (ohh shut up).

Xmas Day = no TV!

Boxing Day = possibly QI and anything else we've recorded to watch.

Boxing Day would be tough... football or Bond? I'd have to TiVo Moonraker and watch the matches

No TV for me.

Doctor Who's the only thing I'll miss.

Where's the Great Escape? Do they know it's Christmas time at all?

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