please empty your brain below

Well, that was a short game ...
I'm sorry, I haven't a clue what you are alluding to here...
I am writing to complain.
Roundel is a funny word. Sounds a bit daft to say it too. Like it is a made up word. Mind, probably sounds posh in a British accent. Most things do.
For the benefit of Antipodean
@ Whiff - what, you mean that game on the radio show 'I'm sorry, I haven't a Clue?' :)
Antipodean - can't believe I fell for that!
DG's ungentlemanly act demonstrates precisely and unambiguously why the North Norfolk Association of Mornington Crescent was excluded from the National Federation and League (other, of course, when challenges according to the 1937 M-B rules are underway).

Samantha comments that she is unimpressed with a man who finishes so quickly.
Where's Sven these days? Could you ask Samantha please, Dominic (unless you're otherwise occupied at the moment)?
@Whiff - ha! Someone needs more tea (or coffee) early in the morning. :) Thank you for the link, though! It mentions a couple of books that my partner will no doubt relish. I have to confess I have never heard an episode of the show, or heard the game played, btw. I only know it through my partner who is a fan, and, of course, I do know of the Goodies. Last I was in London (ah London, sniff, sigh, how I miss you), we travelled to Mornington Crescent to visit a camera shop. My partner was positively bouncing in anticipation and the attendant at the station both indulgent and obliging when I asked if we could photograph roundels and blue plaques. The camera shop, on the other hand was positively scary. I have never seen so much junk and one could not breathe because of the smell. I'm also not sure about the people watching us intently from the urban regeneration park area near the street nearest the station. To be honest, we were glad to make out way back down to the platform and escape.
I see, using Norfolk 'broad' rules?
Went through Bow Road station today, no mention of dg on the roundels there yet.

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