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Don't forget that other bloggers often provide links to individual articles. That's how I found you, courtesy of IanVisits. I've bookmarked you and have found your blog utterly compulsive. I'm green with envy that you get around so much and have the time to produce a gem every day, so I'll have to bestir myself a bit.

In fact, your IoW post reminded me that it was a million moons since I'd last been there, so I popped over on the hovercraft and had a great day, so many thanks for the nudge.

And you'll be glad to know I read the blog in all its glory on a laptop. I'll have to start reading the archive right from the very start...

So keep going strong and relax in the knowledge that your blog is very much appreciated !
I found you blog via another one a few years back. Now I read it every day. I have probably learnt more from you than any tourist information place so please carry on, no matter what the numbers say - I don't know you but I would miss you
Here's another blog that I'm sure DG and his readers will like: (I have no connection with it.)

It's a bit like a mirror image of DG, reflected by the Thames. And it has a blogroll !

You should link to each other.
I'm one of the people who's let my blog fall by the wayside. I've been meaning to update it for ages. Hopefully your post has given me the kick up the backside I needed to get it going again.
I'm one of the hiatus with a goodbye note bloggers.

I decided to have a bit of a change of direction with my blog so created a new one (which DG has linked to - thanks!), ported over some of the posts and closed the old one down. DG's blog is one of the things that I read pretty much every day.
I found you when researching the New River path and have read your blog every day since (about 18 months) I love it! Informative, funny, sometimes dull (Train spotter moments - sorry)and I now have a huge list of things still to do in London (and nearby). I admire your determination to write every day and am amazed/inspired by your motivation to do something every weekend. Long may this continue! I would far rather read this on my PC than a quick nugget on my mobile. (does that make me a dinosaur)
I wouldn't want to watch videos of kittens falling into swimming pools. Poor wee things. On the other hand dogs enthusiastically trying, and failing at, various activities are hilarious.
here's a helpful addition showing what dg's blog is definitely lacking
Glad to see that I'm still on here; your blog is on my RSS feed and generally very interesting. Keep up the good work.
Perhaps the answer is to treat blogrolls like Christmas cards?

If you have only 20 on your sending list, you're not doing too badly if you're receiving 76 !
Some people's blogrolls are so long as to be entirely impractical. On a few I'm about 300 names down, where nobody would ever think to look, and I'm sure nobody ever clicks.
I read two blogs every morning -- you, who always has something worth reading, and, who posts rarely but also has a great SE-London-based blogroll (plus the unmissable London Reconnections) that I use to catch up on my area. Keep on blogging, DG.
I still writing regular London trivia after 6 years and linking to Diamond Geezer:
Hi David

Yes, I did check your blog before I published today's post. But, since your redesign, alas it no longer satisfies "(blogroll must appear on blog's main page)".
Cheers Gerry for the comments above. I should've added diamondgeezer ages ago to my blog as a link. I thought I had to be honest.

It's funny you say there similar, as the last post written here was about the Bow flyover which I've just had a quick glance at. I've wrote a few times about the atrocious Greenwich flyovers at the southern end of the Blackwall tunnel which are similar - well, even worse. Utterly horrible for pedestrians and cyclists. Greenwich council do little, and there's not even the issue of having to work with two boroughs as at Bow. The shite public realm spreads for a good half mile in all directions making life as hard a possible for pedestrians.

I don't believe there's any large scale action plan south of the river. Probably as there's less cyclist deaths, which is more down to fewer people cycling there than the design.

Anyway, blog rolls, I'm all for them. I find a lot of good stuff that way. On phones and tablets I set pages to desktop view. Can't stand dumbed down mobile pages.
I've noticed the oddity that my blog has increased it's viewership over the last few years. This was a great surprise to me. Of course I only blog for myself, so it doesn't matter.

I don't have any idea why, except maybe people are bored of Facebook.

I also notice that no one ever comments anymore - but back in 2006 people used to converse a lot more.

But I'm always checking in to DG, since it's my armchair reader's trip to the UK that I'll never get to take in real life.
Wow - an instant result !

I suppose the Murky Depths are under great pressure and extremely hot, just the conditions needed to create diamonds. If some water leaks in, then I suppose you'd get a Diamond Geyser.

(I'll get my coat.)
Looks like DG’s blogroll score is now up to 81: and

also qualify.
It occurred to me that bloggers seem to be of the same 'naming' types as hairdressers and pet groomers. Just look at those names...Ham and Egger ho ho.
DG, have you ever explained why you haven't switched to a responsive design? It seems whenever one of your articles pops up on Reddit, all everyone seems to talk about is your blog design! I'm sure that you could switch design whilst keeping a blogroll of some sort, and it would only help your mobile readability.
Hi DG,

I think you missed me off your list too ...

(Unless I don't qualify for some or other reason.)

I discovered your blog years back when I was searching for information about Flashmobs (remember them?) and have been following ever since.

Hope you like the serial comletist elements of my blog!

stand firm
Three more blogrolls link to DG on the front page of current blogs, so the total is now exactly the same as for last year.

So DG's fears are groundless !
Your Blog Roll this year happened to coincide with a change in hosting packages for my blog. All updated now and I believe I should be on the roll again with post in July and a link on the main page! :) Thanks!

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