please empty your brain below

Hope you threw the things in the appropriate recycling containers not just in ‘the bin’
I would have guessed an ex-footballers tweet.
You didn’t Like any tweets this week.
Kathy Burke was excellent.
Kathy Burke: national treasure.
Mick Herron: finished Slow Horses; now on Zoë Boehm series. Different, but enjoyable.
Turnpike Lane: my childhood station; innumerable times my little legs climbed those stairs.
Mmmm ... Tunnocks caramel wafers - Food of the gods.

I found that they are quite abrasive on the roof of the mouth if you pig the whole 8 pack.

(And in checking the number of wafers in a pack I've discovered they also do a dark chocolate version which I'm now going to HAVE to track down!)
Reads like therapy for Post-Counting Stress Disorder
…..reasons to be cheerful, 1, 2, 3……
Of all these, throwing out the 2020 National Trust handbook surprises me the most!
I would have put money on that being something you'd collect!
Didn't you also go to Walthamstow? or was that last week.

Your public have the right to know!
Which one of Wolf's pictures did you like and was it associated with his bus odyssey?
One of these photos is already in my Top 10 most-liked Flickr photos.
Inside by Stiltskin is the greatest one hit wonder of all time. Absolute corker, although one does wonder what may have happened had Levi's been able to get the rights to Today by The Smashing Pumpkins.

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