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When I lived in San Francisco, the annual Bay to Breakers race on a Sunday was always instructive - as they ran West along the Haight, many of the participants used to stop at every coffee shop along the way - and there are many. Others ran the race naked.
Maybe count Costas next time. Seems like more of them nowdays
The M&S/WHS hybrid is of the kind you only find in hospitals. Officially, that shop is part of UCLH.
As the cliche goes, in London, you’re never more than 10m away from… a Starbucks.
Error on 2nd paragraph: Warren Square should be Warren Street.

dg writes: error removed, thanks.
You could have walked to the other side of the first Starbucks and seen another radio-connected building - 'The Lantern' on Hampstead Road, which is now home to Kiss, Magic, Absolute, Greatest Hits, Jazz FM, Scala and many more. (Actually, the studios haven't moved out of Golden Square yet, but will do in the next few weeks. But all the admin etc has moved)
I don't like Starbucks but we used it once in desperation in New York City. The food was ok, the coffee dreadful.
At the Reading M4 west service area, there are 5 Costa’s, albeit one is a self service machine on the entrance to the WH Smith and another at the fuel station kiosk.
Giving directions in any sizeable population centre in Canada is... "Right at the Tim Hortons, then left at the next Tim Hortons, straight past the Tim Hortons after that, then hang a right at Tim Hortons and you're there."
I would never go in a Starbucks or their rivals, but after being dropped of a our small hotel in Hanoi just before Christmas last year, we needed some refreshment. As our room check-in was a couple of hours away we were directed to a nearby coffee shop, it was a Starbucks that had open six weeks before. Having no other choice, we had to go in and had Lipton's breakfast tea.
Checking my card statement, the cost was 165000 Dong for 3 teas or £5.53.
There is an MHS/WHS hybrid in Sutton Coldfield Town Centre. No hospitals nearby.
The Simpsons parodied it, all the way back in 1998.
it's one of those "you know your from london" moments.. when you see a Pret down the street, but look around to check there isn't one closer.
Surprised to see that Sainsbury’s has also
thinned out. I remember noticing there were three in a row along Tottenham Court Road / the first part of Hampstead Road but I now read the middle one of the three is now a Lidl
I’m constantly amazed at how poor coffee in the UK is, Starbucks and Costas included. A decent cup can be found if you know where to look, but it’s nothing like Melbourne where you’d be hard pressed to find bad coffee anywhere.
There were still two Sainsbury’s in Victoria Road in Surbiton last time I looked.
Costa used to have a lot of branches inside other premises, near me they had them inside Santander, Waterstones and a Premier Inn. They've all closer but they seem to have more machines.

I'm still surprised that in a city of 560,000 people we cant sustain a city centre Pret. They've tried twice now and each time it's shut down.
In Bristol temple meads we have a (lacklustre) costa/m&s/whs three way combo.

I'm always surprised m&s want to be associated with stations, hospitals, service stations, whs etc. It doesn't give a good impression of their food and just makes them seem expensive
I believe the toilets in Heal's are readily accessible during opening hours if in need.

Speaking of which, the very sad irony in the homeless camping outside of a furniture department store with no shortage of beds inside once the sun goes down...
Pret seems to have picked up a lot of business from Starbucks with their subscription. Once upon a time the main business used to be food, nowadays I'm very much in the minority when purchasing food rather than drinks in a Pret.
I’ve also used the store finder to see which London boroughs can’t currently muster more than four Starbucks apiece, and my results suggest that these are the most decaffeinated (or least chain-obsessed) areas of the capital.

4 Starbucks
Bexley (Bexleyheath, Crayford, Erith, Sidcup)
Bromley (Bromley×2, Beckenham, St Paul Cray)
Enfield (Enfield, Edmonton, Southbury, Winchmore Hill)
Kingston upon Thames (Kingston×3, New Malden)

3 Starbucks
Hackney (Dalston×2, Shoreditch)
Havering (Romford×2, Hornchurch)
Lewisham (Lewisham, New Cross Gate, Sydenham)
Redbridge (Ilford×2, South Woodford)
Sutton (Sutton, North Cheam, Worcester Park)

2 Starbucks
Barking and Dagenham (Barking, Dagenham)
Haringey (Muswell Hill, Tottenham Hale)
Harrow (Harrow, Pinner)
Waltham Forest (Walthamstow, Leyton)
Now we can get our Starbucks delivered, who even needs coffee shops?!
WH Smiths, by the way, is an M&S Franchise partner. WH Smiths are also a Costa franchise operator.

How long before WH Smiths becomes a WH Smiths franchise partner?
I really fancy a coffee, for some reason.
Don't know if it's still like that but in the "Red Mall" at the Gateshead Metro Centre there was one Starbucks above another that weren't connected
Euston Tower! My first visit was interviewing for a job with ICL in 1972. There was a power strike and I had to walk up umpteen floors. They offered and I declined a job. Then the ground floor was my nearest tax office in the days you had to go in to get forms. And then I worked in the now-demolished Stephenson House and the first-pictured Starbucks was my escape spot from the noisy open plan. One of my clients was the ill-fated Metronet, perched at the top of the tower. Such memories!
Our one and only Starbucks does not seem to have been a success, as it started up then closed in short order. So anyone seeking flavoursome sustenance for a similar epic walk, would hardly know where to start.
Years ago, the satirical rag The Onion posted this piece about Starbucks.
Facebook has had offices in 10 Brock Street for almost 10 years now. (There is another building in the same development that they leased and never moved into, though.)
It was a bit of a surprise when Starbucks opened in Barking a few years ago. I thought it's not going to last long but it seems to be well frequented. Having tried the coffee there and, more frequently because my son gave me a gift card for my birthday, at the Costa opposite, I can say the coffee in the chains is no match for the coffee shop which used to be located in the station but has recently reopened next to the library. My only complaint is that they no longer offer the delicious apple pie I used to sometimes have with my coffee.
A modern twist on the old Pub Crawl!
Then there is what happened to Starbucks in Swiss Cottage.

TL;DR? punningly named local coffee kiosk outlasts the big US corporation.

For a long time, there was a coffee kiosk called "Star box" next to one of the tub station entrances. Eventually got a "cease and desist" letter from Starbox). Changed its name to Red Star Box (with Pret-like iconography).

A little later Starbucks opened a branch nearby on Finchley Road (in sight of Red Star Box), which lasted all of about 2 years (closed early in 2020 I think).

Red Star Box is still there. Anyone local needing Starbucks has to travel to St. John's Wood (which was an early example and has been refurbed at least twice).
I am pretty sure there used to be a subway under the Euston Road near the tower. I guess it was filled in. I think I remember using it when I used to go to the legendary Capital Foyer.

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