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Looks like a good trip. Well done to the organisers for making it happen as it is clear it was not easy.

Interesting that LU still measure all distances from Ongar. Is the line even still connected to the rest of the Underground. I guess it must be, to have got the train there (and the steam one too).
Pity you experienced "operating difficulties". We went on Saturday, and apart from one 5 minute delay (caused, I think, by a door refusing to shut properly on the Craven set), everything ran very smoothly. Met 1 gave many opportunities for some very atmospheric photos!
The four prototype Routemasters were also there (something that they couldn't manage for Finsbury Park)

Flickr link here (not mine)

dg writes: ...and I took a photo too :)
DG - you missed out the best bit - the Cravens train was the first to use the Epping track connection to the preserved line in twenty years - the link is still there, it still works. A point was being proved, or was supposed to, if it happened as scheduled. I couldn't be there so your photos are great - ta!
This forum discussion might be of interest.!topic/uk.railway/zlM2mVpChuQ
in the late 70s/early 80s a group of my friends used to visit Ongar every summer for an Essex ramble and then the attraction to most (not me) of the excellent real ale in some of the local pubs.
more recently, the line was open on summer Sundays, publicised in many shop windows in Epping (and probably on the internet but this was before I got a computer). But the staff at Epping station refused to admit it existed, I think this was a directive from TfL rather than personal objections by the locals.
so there were no posters about it near the station, though the vintage bus which began the journey started nearby. Anyway I really enjoyed the day.

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