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it's interesting to read about the cross-country immigration from Hull, I wasn't aware of that. But in the mid70s I went to Hull for a meeting with the Town Planners about regeneration of the area (I worked in commercial property development). It's a long time ago and I went to many places for similar meetings, but the one thing I remember about Hull is that the Town Planner pointed out that it was a totally white area because Hull was on a dead-end railway line and any immigrants had travelled straight to Birmingham and then North, bypassing the Humber area. This isn't a factor I'd normally consider, but on my way back to the station I couldn't help noticing that this was true, though not at all relevant to regeneration of the area.
Lots of transit through Grimsby too, and various other places on the east coast (London, Newcastle, etc). No doubt some of the white residents of Hull are descendants of people from northern Europe who did not continue their journey. And Vikings. And Angles or Saxons. And Romans. And so on.
With the bricks, is the artist's identifier not on the end it is standing on then?
Very interesting, more so than yesterday's Turner contestants (their work, not the blog!)
We finally got to the City of Culture a couple of weeks ago and, like DG, were very impressed.
There is a walking tour of the old town at 11:00 and 14:00 from the theatre ticket / tourist office across the road from the Ferens which we highly recommend.
Must try to get back to the Tool Appreciation Society before it closes.

dg writes: No really, you can give the Tool Appreciation Society a miss.
Thanks for the warning.

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