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DG's last post confirms it: the recent battle in the woodland was over the Newbury Bypass and given what he has said about crossing back through town I guess the village is Bagnor. I am full of admiration for a 50 year old who comes 50 miles out of London and then walks 15 miles in January. Mind you, the weather here has been better than for weeks past: decent temperature and, unless DG has been very unlucky, no rain. I look forward to the photographs. DG: if I have been right all day, could you share with us what you take the photographs with please? They are uniformly excellent and I am merely curious!
Newbury Castle demolished in 17th century, so that's out.
Now heading for Aldermaston?
Could well be Newbury, racecourse, river, canal, museum and Donnington Castle But why the change of trains - aren't there direct trains from Paddington?
Not as many as you would think.
Since Crossrail hasn't been completed yet, presumably DG also had to change trains in Paddington.
DG, thank you very much for an enthralling journey today - I'm still hoping I'm correct in guessing Newbury. Look forward to the full write up and pictures. You are to be admired for walking 15 miles; in my teens I walked 14 miles my for the school sponsored walk and was worn out the next day. I am sure everyone who has followed you today will wish you the enjoyment of at least one bottle of your favourite German brew this evening when you eventually arrive home!
There was talk of holding the connection so it wouldn't be tube to GW train. Today the line was closed between Swindon and Bath and through trains were diverted via Newbury but not stopping there. So maybe DG changed at Reading.
No, the change at Paddington would not count, because he said, in the first message, that he was at that moment exiting London by train, and the connection was still (then) in the future.

Thanks for a fun days guessing - looking forward to the pictures.
No matter what I write, it's always about the trains, isn't it? ;)
Well yes! But it is the best clue for discount places that have direct trains. We'll just have to wait until morning. Thanks DG for all the intrigue.
my immediate thought was Newbury too. But it's my home town so I guess it would be front of mind. I guess connection would be Reading although there are direct options too.
donnington castle certainly fits this last description.
Castle Donington (Leicestershire), which hosts an event popular with the long-haired, isn't the same place as Donnington Castle (Berkshire). But I can't think of any other event that 'Donnington' is nationally famous for.

Not sure if this is DG's mistake, crafty red herring, or me barking up the wrong tree entirely.
I think the key word was "nominally" famous.

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