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What an amazing amount of history squeezed into a tiny part of London. Beautifully described as always.
To quote the documentarian Jay Foreman (created the Unfinished London series) on tube- and railway-induced property development in the 30s:

"The fields in [these] posters have all gone as a direct result of the very poster that depicted them."

Nothing is ever new; property developers ruin everything.
Hackney Wick and the Fish Island area has many very beautiful heritage buildings that survive and are listed, but unfortunately a heritage listing means nothing to an idiot with a spray can and the area is being ruined not by the developers but by mindless tagging, these idiots vandalise beautiful buildings without a second thought, they spray their unreadable rubbish all across information boards street signs and direction panels, hopefully our real artist community will survive long after the idiots have moved on
Well said, fishislandskin, I agree entirely.
"It's going to be flats" Arrrgh - more flats, whatever happened to nice houses with gardens.
As much as I like the heritage, and it deserves some museum room, hardly anything of the buildings taken down in the last 50 years, or the next 50, deserve to be in that museum.

I've been a few times and always felt like the culture is spread very thinly between the hipsters and the empty sites, the latter being the more valuable part of that pair. Many people have tried to list what we should go see and it's all just cafes that do exist elsewhere in east London.
Developers would build houses with gardens if there was more profit in doing so. (Maybe even nice ones). But there isn't, and it's hard to see how that will ever change. Planning rules could specify a maximum number of dwellings per hectare, but since money is in charge, they won't.
Great post.

I think part of the problems is the governments, mayors and boroughs focus on new homes. I recently visited Miami and their hipster area (wynnwood) is still primarily employment and retail uses which I think retains its qualities. Such a more interesting neighbourhood than Hackney Wick. By having so many flats you lose that and seeing the removal of street art is especially disappointing. And while living in a vibrant area of restaurants, studios and craft breweries is attractive on paper, the realities of noise etc are less good and lead to many of the employment uses being pushed out (as well as by the increased rents needed to justify new build units)
DG, I was thinking this was getting close to where the former 'Big Breakfast' house was at Old Ford Locks, but on closer inspection it's not. Have you covered the BB house and its history?
The boat club is generally known as Eton Mission Rowing Club

dg writes: Updated, thanks.
Horrible change. Industrial unit are important, but are best kept out the way as they were in Hackney Wick. Plus Street Art vibe around there is amazing.

Where is this going to all go, Rainham? Well, that's being developed too.

Funny to think a handful of people in this country will choose to buy these flats. The rest will go to the Chinese.
As a Hackney Wick resident of 27 years I have mixed feelings about these developments.

The area around the station was a dump for many years (I was mugged there in 2004), not helped then by Silverlink's appalling train service. 'Street art' is ugly here - it puts off people (of different generations to those who enthuse about it) from even passing through. The 'Wick' was not attractive, hardly surprising for a formerly industrial area.

New buildings bring life of a sort to the area, better street lighting, and a sense of safety which hasn't been around for a while. But as DG says, the promotion is 'for investors', not residents. That means no stable population will build up, to deliver shops and facilities that perhaps older geezers like me or families might use.

Six of one and half a dozen of the other?
Sadly much the same seems to be happening in Manchester - Ancoats and the northern quarter in particular have lost so many heritage buildings in favour of crappy investor flats. The world's first industrial suburb now just another blandtown.
Build it up tear it down and remove the edginess that makes it unique by trying to replicate it it 'fake urbanism'. The fact is they could have designed the buildings to look like the facades of the nice looking old buildings but that costs more to make.

Their attempt at being different is utter tripe as at the end of the day its cookie cutter prefab, that can only be changed slightly. I dont under stand the logic personally , if you kept or retained the feel more people would flock there surely.

With Bar number 90 and grow on the canal looking to be demolished in 2022... canning town looks to be the new hipster area. I know this as i know the owner of Bar 90 and star lane pizza bar.

It was the new shoreditch..... now its gone the way of shoreditch.

The last sentence sums its up.

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