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Shocking. How are these things allowed to get through? Surely someone along the production route would've spotted it. They can't all be muppets, can they?

And yet 4 years ago they got it right. One illiterate signwriter maybe? Post lunch Friday afternoon effort?

Most of these Newham signs are several years old.
Your photo is indistinct - I bet it's wrong too.


Unless there's someone called "Sam Say" who owns a DVD or book called "20 is Plenty"

That would explain the capital 'S' in 'Say' also!

100% outrage at apostrophe abuse - says something about your readership DG - but I'm not sure what!

Sam Say is just asserting his ownership of the "20 is Plenty" campaign.

Apostrophe misuse is one of my pet hates.

Wonder what elected Newham mayor Sir
Robin Wale's thinks?

I am so snobbish that I actually refuse to eat in places that have Pizza's and Salad's on their menus. In the UK I also noticed a rather sad prevalence of 'Cream Tea's'.

So what were you going to write about and already had anyway? And why didn't you just publish it anyway?

My nephews' school regularly sends home letters and permission forms which are littered with spelling and grammatical errors. If head teachers now can't spell or work out where the apostrophe goes, there is little hope for the English of the next generation.

There are definitely some correct ones out there DG - this picture from 2009 is clear:

*wonders whether it's education, immigration, or people in a process who couldn't give a damn that is/are to blame for this sort of thing*

People whose first language is not English in a majority-minority borough.

Newham also have a roadsign saying Pedestrains Only outside the Stratford Circus. Proofreading signs doesn't appear to be a strong point.

Could this have been a prize-winning road safety entry from a young child who has not yet been taught the rules of punctuation?

This blog is devoted to the subject

There's a lot of it about!

Perhaps the council can spend another small fortune on rectifying all the signs?

At least Sam is smiling.

The thing is that somebody had to put the apostrophe in as it's not part of the standard roadsign font...

People who say "don't" when they mean to use "doesn't" is something else that seems to be creeping into the vernacular.

"It don't matter" what? It do not matter?

"Don't" for "does not" has been common for many years - see Gilbert and Sullivan's "Iolanthe" - the character speaking is the (presumably educated) Lord Chancellor.

"Allow me, as an old equity draughtsman, to make a suggestion. The subtleties of the legal mind are equal to the emergency. The thing is really quite simple; the insertion of a single word will do it. Let it stand that every fairy shall die who don't marry a mortal, and there you are, out of your difficulty at once"

That's an interesting comment, Timbo. That Victorian use of "don't" instead of "doesn't" has the sound of street-smart language. Perhaps G&S were having a dig at judges who like to show they're "with it".

you'd have to be doing less than ten to read this anyway...

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