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The university of Portsmouth has just arrived in Walthamstow.
What about foreign universities? I think that there is (or was) an American university site near Watford.

dg writes: I’m restricting myself to UK universities. And Watford’s not in London.
The University of Cumbria in London on East India Dock Road. It has a pair of bus stops named after it too.
I always have to chuckle when I see the OP Loughborough Uni mentioned: on one of Dave Gorman's TV shows, he recalls being at nearby Hackney Wick station where there'a sign to Alight Here for that institution. Some American visitors asked what that place was? With a very English accent he replied "Low Brow University, madam"!!!
Ulster University have a site near to where Clerkenwell Road meets Rosebery Avenue

dg writes: already listed.
Cambridge University has an outpost near King's Cross. It's purely administrative - no teaching so students would never go there so doesn't qualify for your list.
Coventry University has its main London campus ("Coventry University London") on Middlesex Street in the City, with the Dagenham and Greenwich sites part of its confusing "CU London" subsidiary brand. There's also an outpost of its School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health at the Hudson Building on Kennington Lane in Vauxhall.
We also have the Richmond American University in London, recently moved from leafy Richmond to a building in the modern Chiswick Business Park. It originally offered Open University degrees and then Delaware degrees and now I think they have some deal with China. It’s next to the building where ‘Iranian TV’ used to be until it’s recent bomb threat, opposite Foxtons call centre and along from the QVC shopping channel and Starbuck’s HQ. Ideal location for a Business Studies course!
Terry Pratchet went to school at the High Wycombe Technical High school... which I assume was somehow linked to the college.
It's before my time in the UK, so I don't really understand the rush from technical colleges at or near the top of their field to become middling at best Universities. Or were Techs absolutely forbidden from granting degrees and that was the only path to it? Was it purely about funding?

I work at Westminster and when I looked at the history of the place, it just seemed bizarre to *want* to transition from premier, respected Technical College to thoroughly mediocre (though we do have some specialty subjects we're rather good at) University.
West London College, situated near Selfridges, is an "Associate Campus of Heriot-Watt University". As you say, it is precisely in the market of offering cut-price tuition fees for foreign students - like my step-daughter, who didn't set foot in Scotland until the graduation ceremony. It's notable that their website is, not There are probably a few more like this.
Another not well known "foreigner" in the UK: Wroxton College near Banbury, operated by small northern New Jersey based Fairleigh Dickenson University. Wroxton was originally owned by Trinity Oxford but changed hands in the 1960's
Newcastle Uni has (or had) a building near Finsbury Sq. in the City. I'm sure I used to walk past it every day to and from Liverpool St. Station a few years ago. (Or maybe that was Liverpool uni?) Quick search shows Newcastle Uni building in E1 and Liverpool have since closed their Finsbury Sq. campus down - I think City Uni have taken over the building.
Ah, apologies, just got to the end of your posting and read about Liverpool uni's City campus closure.
The new Sheffield Hallam campus is weird. Sheffield is a great place to study, Brent Cross is a dump. There is nothing of value actually in Brent Cross that would require locating there. And the courses on offer won't attract high-paying international students.

However, the Brent Cross Town development is a multibillion-pound regeneration project. Somebody is going to make a load of money...
Agreed, and it's not just a minor outpost too, Sheffield Hallam's Brent Cross campus will house up to 5000 students! It's not as if the area lacks higher education facilities, as Middlesex University are based at nearby Hendon.

Middlesex have outposts in Dubai, Mauritius and Malta, maybe they should open one in Sheffield and declare "war" LOL.
University of Northampton has a presence in Imperial Drive, Rayners Lane.
Always felt sorry for the students who think they're going to the main campus then end up is some dull London suburb!
Bath Spa University has a London campus in Hoxton.
ActonMan - the 'Iranian TV' channel was Iran International, whose ownership is obscure, but likely backed by Saudi money. It's not always complementary about the Iranian regime, hence the threats to its staff.

Warner Bros. Discovery's UK HQ is also in Chiswick Park - now there's a corporate structure worth studying.
… (although they don't list BNU so their list's probably incomplete).

You have just proved that the list is definitely incomplete.

Yours pedantically,
What is now Wrexham University used to have its London output above the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre.
Many UK universities have taken the next step from attracting foreign students to London by setting up campuses overseas. Malaysia, for example, has outposts of (at least) Southampton, Newcastle and Reading Unis. Independent schools are doing the same - Epsom College is also in Malaysia, for example.
• Bath Spa University
• Coventry University (Spitalfields)
• University of Cumbria
• University of Portsmouth

Conversely, many people wondered why my father, a Londoner, went all the way to Northampton to attend night classes.

Northampton Polytechnic was actually in Northampton Square, London EC1. It became the City University in 1966
Back in 2008 a "Professor" at Bucks New University proposed that "variant" (i.e. wrong) spellings of common words should be accepted as correct, on the basis that he was fed up with having to correct papers. I trust that the other places listed here have not followed that example.
The Open University has a presence known as "The Open University in London" in Hawley Crescent NW1, with classrooms and a library,. or at least it did in 2016 when I attended a seminar series there. Looking at the Open University website they do not seem to advertise this location any more so maybe it has closed (although I found an entry for the Open University on Royal Mail's online Postcode Finder when I entered "NW1 8NP").

Also, Warwick's description of the Shard as "in the heart of the city of London" is borderline false advertising, although I suppose the use of lowercase for "city" makes it allowable (the Shard, being south of the river, is in the London Borough of Southwark, and thus outwith the "City of London" with a capital 'C')
Are there any occurrences of the opposite? i.e. London universities setting up shop outside of London?
Not so much inside the UK but, as mentioned above, abroad is popular. Westminster has a presence in Tashkent and something in China. They do operate quite autonomously, though. There was a push to integrate, but... ah, I can't really share that story. I will say they're quite separate now for very sensible reasons.
Mickey Mouse degrees sold at vast cost to those wanting a graduate visa and with little if any intent to return home.
Uxbridge Vine Street railway station used to be where the Buckinghamshire New University is.
Peter - UK uni campus' abroad are due to the prestige of the uni's brand and selling that. These unis with London campuses are mostly about trading off the brand that is London.

BNU, however - that's just because Uxbridge (~20km from the campus in Wycombe, with half-hourly local bus service between the two sites) is a good place to site a nursing department near to Wycombe, due to the number of hospitals (for placements and the like) in the area, rather than seeking to trade off the London brand.
Buckinghamshire New University is the site of the former Uxbridge High Street station, one of three lost stations in the town.

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