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Well, that's another place on my 'to visit' list! 😊
Wonderful article DG. As Ditchling is relatively close to me. I've been a frequent visitor, but not to the museum. I'll rectify that now.

Whilst you've clearly done enough walking, if you'd walked from the Beacon toward Brighton you would have come across The Chatri which is a beautifully located monument to the brave soldiers of the Indian army who died during The Great War. Well worth a visit.
We visited Ditchling Museum last year and had a fascinating morning learning about Eric Gill, fonts and the community Gill formed in the village. The Museum was the winner of the Art Fund's Museum of the Year in 2014. Well worth a visit.
Eric Gill did do some later work for the Underground - he produced some of the sculptures on the HQ building at 55 Broadway.

But it was surely his work on Westminster Cathedral's Stations of the Cross that called him away from his work for the Underground in 1914, not Westminster Abbey.

dg writes. Surely. Fixed, thanks.
Love that you're using the Johnston font- keep it!
I would have felt more comfortable if there was some acknowledgement of the darker side of Eric Gill, rather than just exclude it altogether.
Nicely done as always DG. It was worth pointing out that it is small - I did both it and Charleston House for free with an Art Fund Pass (erm and no I don't work for them) in a day trip.

I could do that with a DaySave rail pass - I've mentioned before that these are currently 'temporarily unavailable' from Southern Railway, but two emails to them have failed to elicit any response let alone information, nor did a phone call. Does anyone know if they are coming back - I'm already worried about DG's biennial Seven Sisters Walk in 2017?
Eric Gill had an 'interesting' personal life. The West of London Astronomical Society observes occasionally at Piggotts Farm in Buckinghamshire, which was one of his abodes.
Gill Sans is used for their newsletter.
London ELECTRIC Railway, surely?
There are higher hills than Ditchling further east in the South Downs.
The highest in the South Downs is Butser Hill, near Petersfield, at 270m.
Confusingly, the highest point in the South Downs National Park is higher - Black Down, near Haslemere, is 280m - but it's in the Greensand Ridge in the Weald.
I was going to point out that the font was Gill Sans, not Johnston, then I thought to look at the source:

<font face="New Johnston, Gill Sans, Gill Sans MT, sans-serif;">

I wonder how Pml is getting the first option to show up? I thought the only way to get New Johnston on the desktop was to pay TfL a lot of money.
Definitely not NJ.

NJ has diamond shaped dots and full stops...
Thanks DG. It's on the list for July.
Happy to see the roundel be that for Hammersmith since Johnston lived at #3 Hammersmith Terrace down by the river from 1905 to 1912.
As a resident of nearby Haywards Heath, I am frustrated that I missed out on a Diamond Geezer spotting opportunity!

Couple of points:

- I would have thought that the architecture of Key reason would have merited at least a mention en route to Ditchling?

- and, had DG turned left out of the station, he could have visited Sussex's greatest pet shop in Hassocks. Lots of cute kittens...
The BBC's been:
Ha! I also came here to report the report by the BBC - you're too quick as ever DG

Bloody iPad autocorrect....

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