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Even though I will not be attending in person I am rather excited all ready for next year. It's a shame the aquatics centre does not have more seats. Watching the World Championships in Shanghei and they fill a huge Arena. Our games will be better than Greece and Atlanta but for spectacle Beijing and Sydney will take some beating.

Every time I hear the name "Tom Daley" I think of Daley Thompson.

I was just praying it was April 1st when I read the opening sentence.

Oh I'm now disappointed - I wanted a daily 2012 bulletin - but I'm sure you'll keep us informed with your on the spot reports over the next 364 days!

Boris got it right with his vibrant speech yesterday - 366 days. Love him or hate him, he was a damn sight more interesting than Cameron and showed energy and passion.

I think my favourite Borisism I saw yesterday was the interview he did on BBC World News - in which he said that London's always been a world city, "ever since it was founded by a bunch of pushy Italians back in AD43".

The Olympic Games the greatest show on earth. I'm just happy that is not happening in my neck of the woods. Just relax and watch it all from my armchair.

Re rant: Oh come on now, you know very well if they did swan around in big official cars, it will be all "oh they all live in their bubble not mixing with the hoi polloi". "Government of plutocrats making us wait in traffic to swan around in"etc etc. For them, it's obvious, the more this farce can be dumped on the IOC the better.

He won't win either way that's how media rolls. An interesting question is do the official media get to the use the lanes?

"it's now time I dedicated my blog completely to London 2012"

Are you serious? No offence, but if so I'll be back in a year or so.

Ah! Now I read your confession in the last line.

I confess that I see the word Olympics at the top of a post and don't usually read any further.

Well, having worked at the Athens Games in 2004, the world does tend to turn up the day before the Opening Ceremony, so Rogge has got history on his side. And that's the story he should stick too.

But... it was almost exactly 365 days to go by the time Boris made his speech... There were lots of people clamouring to have their photos taken by the Clock as the days went from 366 to 365 as you can imagine (we only managed 365 days, 23 hours and 50 mins to go).

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