please empty your brain below

Slightly left of middle, towards the horizon.

hehe. Whale (and bird) sightings are normally done using clock points (assuming the bow is 12 o'clock & the stern is 6). Hence the confused tourist response to 'whales at 2 o'clock' of 'How do they get them to show up on schedule like that?'

DG, pls. tell us what was your food of choice given that the temperature at the moment is +12-15? BTW, the special menu would have set you back 32 quid at the going rate, but did you go for it?

I think you're imagining it DG

Behind the fluffy white clouds, I think. And passing you a message in Icelandic which traslates, roughly, as "Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish."


6 fathoms down?

It's behind you!

There isn't one as they've all been hunted?

When you return please do an "x" marks the spot post because its driving me crackers!!

Trick question, right?

Was in Iceland just over a fortnight ago and did the same tour with the same company, with the same result - a big fat zilch. But it was a (rare) cloudless day, so nice weather to be out on the water. We considered the offer of a second 'free' trip, but it didn't fit in our schedule.

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